#FilaToning Twitter Party Friday

It’s early November and already the conversations have started.

“In 2011, I’m going to work out more often.”

“Next year I’m going to finally try harder to get in shape.”

“My New  Year’s Resolution is going to be to walk every day.”

Why wait for 2011 when you can jump start your health and fitness goals now?

Join me this Friday as we chat about our favorite ways to work out, those goals we just can’t seem to achieve, how to stay fit in our incredibly busy lives and more. Our Twitter Party is sponsored by the Fila Body Toning System , which is made for every woman who has ever stopped to look at her butt in the mirror.  Guilty as charged!  And be sure to pay special attention as we make an exciting announcement at the end of the event.

#FilaToning Twitter Party

When: Friday, November 19th from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. ET

Where: #FilaToning tag on Twitter

How: Be sure to follow @ResourcefulMom and @FilaToning to participate


(25) First Place winners will each receive a pair of Fila Body Toning System pants (ARV $55)

(20) Second Place winners will each receive a copy of the book Your Best Body Now by Tosca Reno

(1) Grand Prize winner will receive a Fila prize pack including the entire BTS collection and other Fila goodies!

To Enter to Win

To be eligible to win, you must be present at the party and following @FilaToning on Twitter.

To be eligible to win the grand prize you must do the following:

1. Follow @FilaToning on Twitter

2. Become a fan on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/FilaToning

3. RSVP below

Winners will be chosen at random and this contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada age 18 years or older.


About Fila Body Toning System (BTS)

The Fila Body Toning System (BTS) is made for every woman who has ever stopped to look at her butt in the mirror.  BTS is a collection of engineered body toning workout apparel for the women’s fitness industry that shapes the body and dramatically improves workout efficiency. Following in the footsteps of successful toning footwear category, BTS apparel is designed to increase muscle exercise by as much as 50% as it utilizes double-layered panels of INVISTA’S LYCRA(R) SPORT fabric engineered to compress active muscles.  The collection includes a resistance tank, short, tight capri, capri, pant and long tight that provides 41% more support than traditional athletic leggings made from polyester or spandex and effectively smoothing targeted areas and reducing the appearance of cellulite.  Flat seaming construction allows for greater comfort and range of motion.

About Your Best Body Now by Tosca Reno

At age 40, author Tosca Reno found herself miserable, overweight, stuck in an unhappy marriage, and living an unfulfilled life. She was able to turn her life around and is now a successful author, motivational speaker and wellness consultant, media personality and model. Tosca has penned eleven books, including the incredibly successful Eat-Clean Diet® series, has appeared on numerous national television and radio programs and now travels across North America appearing at book signings and seminars to deliver her message of health, wellness and inspiration.

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  • @Avonlady02

    This is right up my alley love fitness so excited!
    My FB name is Jamie L.M.S. I Follow @FilaToning on Twitter my twitter name is @Avonlady02 I am a fan on Facebook and RSVP’d. Hope I have good luck I could really use a pair of those pants 🙂

  • Twitter follower @getalonghome

    FB fan: Cindy Dyer

    See you there!

  • Sadie

    3 steps are done. It sound like a fun party!

  • I am following on Twitter! @lifeonprint

  • I “liked” them on FB! Lifeonprint Cindy H

  • and I RSVP’d!! So excited about this one!

  • amy dendy
  • amy dendy

    liked on fb
    [email protected]

  • amy dendy

    follow on twitter

  • sara

    i really need these!!!

  • Kristen Eby

    followed, fanned, and ready! @tabida

  • Amy Brewer

    I am a twitter follower now of filatoning with my twitter name @makeetis and already a facebook friend with my real name Amy Brewer

  • Janneke M

    I’m following, I’m a fan of FilaToning on FB now, and i’m RSVPd to the twitter party!

  • Betty Neale

    Following FilaToning on twitter @born2boop

  • Betty Neale

    Like FilaToning on Facebook

  • Betty Neale

    Party RSVP – Those pants looks awesome!

  • Cathy

    I’m a follower and a fan and I’ll be there!

  • Anita G.

    Following and liking on twitter and FB. I CANNOT wait for this party!!

  • following on Facebook with my real name, Twitter is RegularGrrl

  • I’ll be there

  • I didnt know Fila was into this aspect of sports. I think this would really help me get back to my regular size since I just had a baby last month. I am ready to get back out there but I do want to be able to recognize myself this is a great product.

    I will be at the party I followed, liked and RSVPd

    Follow me on Twitter @screenmytweet

  • I follow on twitter

    and liked on FB
    Dana J Valle

    and rsvp’d. See you there!

  • Sara @Doodle741

    Followed, Liked and RSVPed!! SO excited!! Thanks! Can’t wait! @Doodle741

  • Followed, liked and RSVPed!

  • I hope I win, I need a new pair of walking shoes!

  • Jeannine m

    follow on twitter @mellanhead

  • Jeannine m

    Like them on fb (jd drenchek-scavo)

  • Jeannine m


  • Following FilaToning on Twitter as well as Facebook and RSVP’ed above!

    A tone butt for the new year sounds FAB! 🙂

  • kim velkovski

    I am following on twitter
    I am a fan on facebook
    Kimberly Velkovski
    and I RSVP’d

    [email protected]

  • Rosey


    I follow both Fila and you on Twitter and on FB.

  • Follow on twitter & liked on FB. See you at the party.

  • Donna B.

    I Follow @FilaToning on Twitter

  • Donna B.

    I like them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/FilaToning

  • Deborah Curran

    I used to have such a nice firm butt – can you tell me please where it went? It seems to have moved and I’d love to get it back! Thanks for the chance.
    I follow on twitter (treetrout1) and I like you on facebook

  • Karla Sceviour

    I follow them on twitter

  • Karla Sceviour

    I like them on facebook(Karla Sceviour)
    [email protected]

  • Karla Sceviour

    I rsvped!

  • I rsvped and follow them on twitter and on facebook

  • Nocona

    Joined Twitter just for this event! I have been putting it off for so long hopefully I can get some great workout motivation on here!

  • done!Julia G on Facebook.

  • Michele

    can’t wait to get great exercise/health tips from my first twitter party!!!

  • Michelle S

    Oh how fun….I am following on twitter @rsj2000mrs
    RSVP’d and am a fan on Facebook.
    Looking forward to another fun party 🙂

  • Donna B.

    RSVP’d 🙂

  • Awesome! Love Fila. Love being a REAL model. Here to support a great brand and great gals.

  • RSVP’D and I am a fan on facebook

  • Carlo

    Great party idea! get us motivated @cestallion

  • Can’t wait!

  • I am following Fila on Twitter. I am a fan of yours AND Fila on Facebook (it doesnt specify if we should be their fan or not, or just yours lol).

    Would love to win 😀


  • Alexa Jaccarino

    Can’t wait for the twitter party! Want to get my hands on a pair of those pants!

  • Melissa Lawrence

    @2boysblue I RSVP’d and fanned Fila on Facebook. I look forward to this party!

  • Suzanne

    Follow @FilaToning on Twitter

  • Suzanne

    done all three

  • Bretta (@breaduh)

    Following @filatoning, Like on FB and rsvp’d! :o)

  • i’ll be there

  • Brenda Andrews

    I RSVP’d

  • Brenda Andrews

    I follow FilaToning on facebook


  • AmyK

    Twitter follower @AKauz
    FB fan

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

  • Twitter Follower: @mommyhead7
    FB Fan: Tara Cherry

    Hope to win and look forward to seeing you there.

  • so excited!! i follow @Brianswifey05 on twitter and fb liker lisa moore gee!

  • cathy miller

    can’t wait i’d love to try these pants

  • liked on FB and RSVP’d. these pants look AWESOME!!

  • Meghan

    I’ll be there! Sounds like fun!

  • MOM4everandever

    did all three – see you there!

  • Maybe these would make me want to get my butt in shape! See you at the party!!!

  • I follow on twitter and like on FB!

  • Shirley

    RSVP Ing, Following on Twitter and Liked Fila on Facebook! Think I’am good to go now.

  • I follow @FilaToning on Twitter

  • I like Fila Toning on Facebook

  • I RSVP’d @ChaoticKarma23

  • mara

    I am following on twitter @mittenmommy. Hope to make the party!

  • Wendy

    Rsvp’d @WendyNoel72 and Like Fila Toning on Facebook! and following them on Twitter! and tweeted:

  • Following on twitter as shawmh

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    I am a FB fan Sun Rae

  • Tiffany Sparks

    I follow @filatoning on twitter @kygurl62689

  • Tiffany Sparks

    I am a fan of Fila Toning on FB

  • Tiffany Sparks

    I RSVP’d!

  • Janice

    FB fan and followed. @cappytweet

  • monica carbajosa

    followed all three steps cant wait!

  • Ronalee

    Ready for the party tonight
    I am following on Twitter and I like Filatoning on Facebook and I did my rsvp

    my twitter name is RonaleeAKArose

    thank you

  • Felicia

    follow on twitter, fan, rsvp’d looking forward to the party

  • Ronalee

    my facebook page is RonaleeJennessDuncan

  • Tracy P

    I’m following on Twitter

  • soulfliesfree

    Ill be there!

  • Tracy P

    I “LIKE” FilaToning on Facebook
    Tracy P

  • Tracy P


  • Jen B

    This should be fun!

  • Ok I’m all fanned and followed and RSVPed and all that. 🙂

  • Abby

    Twitter follower @uberabby2

    FB fan


  • Cant wait for the party!! Time to get fit!

  • Laura Mahoney

    I am Mahoneys08 on Twitter
    and Laura Craig-Mahoney on FB

    Good Luck Everyone!

  • Following on twitter 🙂

  • following Fila on facebook 😉

  • katie

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    @tinkerkatie 🙂

  • I hope I can make it! I have a charity dinner to go to tonight.

  • what an amazing generous party, I will be there for sure,thank you!

  • Jackie McClure

    Looking forward to the party!

  • following on twitter and I will be there

  • All three steps completed. Thank you!

  • Mary C.

    RSVP’d as @swtthing3

    FaceBook Fan: Mary Pope Cummings

    See you there!

  • Loretta Minogue

    See you at the Party

  • @butterfly1979_2

    All required steps for grand prize are done! 🙂

  • Summer

    I follow on twitter @LLLSummer

  • joanne smith

    I did all of the above and I can not wait. Sounds like fun. ~@momofbestbaby (aka. Joanne Smith or Lynn Smith.)

  • Summer

    I like on Facebook

  • Kimberly Shay

    Following on twitter @kittie1031

    friended up facebook

  • Summer

    rsvp @LLLSummer

  • Cindy Dawkins

    I think I did everything I needed to do

    I follow you and FilaToning on twitter
    I like FilaToning on facebook
    and I RSVPed.

  • raelene


    • raelene

      I already follow you on facebook, and just added the follow on twitter! Hope I am all confirmed!!

  • Julie Davis

    I like them on facebook and follow on twitter.

  • Melanie Calcut

    @mcalcut is a twitter follower and i am excited for the party.
    [email protected]

  • Linda B

    twitter follower

  • Linda B

    liked on facebook

    tweet you there!!

  • afinedeay

    Sounds like a great party!

  • savanna3e

    Hope to be there.

  • Fitness, food, and fashion are 3 of my favorite things. Chatting up 2 of those 3 things sounds like a party to me!

  • amy lewis

    following on twitter

  • amy lewis

    following on FB (Amy Lewis) @smlcfh

  • amy lewis

    RSVP’d above! @smlcfh

  • Carla

    Can’t wait!

  • Following, RSVPed and a fan on FB. Hopefully, this will help get my butt in gear for 2011!

  • Lori Watson

    YAY! SO excited!

  • Melanie Calcut

    Melanie Calcut is a filatoning facebook fan.
    [email protected]

  • DeeAnn R

    I’m following, I’m a fan and I’m RSVP’ing!
    Can’t wait to party! @deepudin

  • I rsvpd @trisha71478

  • I follow @filatoning and @resourcefulmom on twitter


    trisha alner

  • I liked FIla Toning on Facebook

    Patricia Blair Alner

  • Looking forward to it! 🙂


  • Looking forward to the party.. Following!

  • Jenny Garza

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  • Jenny Garza

    Liked on FB via Armando Garza!

  • Allison Lyons

    I’m in like swimwear!!! lol!! See you later:)

  • kelley c

    I’ll be there. i’m pandahugger76 on twitter and kelley l on facebook.

  • Very cool!

  • jeanae

    let’s not forget to work off all of those holiday extras 🙂

  • Gail

    I am following on twitter! @Mystee007 Thanks, see you at the party!

  • Penny

    I’ll try to make it. It sounds fun!

  • Jeannine m

    lol I did all three (jd drenhcke-scavo on fb)

  • Kelly

    Hi, I’m following on Twitter and will see you all tonight! 🙂

  • I’m brideandadog. follow both on twitter.
    I’m a fan on facebook (Lee LaBorde). I’ve RSVPed for the party. See you there.

  • Twitter, FB, RSVP…check. Can’t wait!

  • Eryn/Leighbra

    I have liked them on Facebook!

  • Eryn/Leighbra

    Following them on Twitter

    The link for their facebook account is http://www.facebook.com/FilaToning?ref=ts&v=wall if anyone needs it & sees this

  • mandie

    I’m following and I “like”!

  • Ok I’m all fanned and followed and RSVPed

  • I added them to my list of likes on my Tech Savvy Mama FB page!

  • Oops…Also following them on Twitter!

  • Nancy Reid

    Like on Facebook

  • Nancy Reid

    Tweeting info re partay!!! cant wait to go

  • Kyla B

    Following both, liked and RSVP’d! Super excited for this one! Cant wait!

    • Kyla B

      twitter name @kylab2010. thx!

  • I RSVP’d & am following 🙂

  • Kelly R

    I RSVPd @manelook

  • joanne smith

    @momofbestbaby I tweeted and liked and rsvpd

  • Looking FWD to it 🙂 It’s been a while since I ‘Twitter-partied’

  • Melissa Barnes

    follow on twitter as lovinmykiddos
    like on fb as melissa barnes
    and RSVP’d
    woot woot cant wait

  • Jill Hayes

    Twitter follower @jillyrh

    FB fan: Jill Hayes

    See you there! RSVP’d

  • joanne smith

    1. Follow @FilaToning on Twitter

    2. Become a fan on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/FilaToning

    3. RSVP below

    I did all above! Thank you

  • followed, linked and rsvp’ed.

    now lets see if i can figure out how to twitter partay 😀

  • Jenny

    followed on twitter @jenle33
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    and RSVP’d

  • Shannon

    Did all of the above and not sure if I am supposed to leave seperate comments? But I’m looking forward to the party! @luv_mydachshund thank you! 🙂

  • Mary

    I have RSVP’d… see you there!!!

  • Sue Johnson

    I am following on twitter and I rsvp. and I am an fan on facebook.

  • Sue Lynn Johnson

    I RSVP’d and I am following and LIke.. I want to win@

  • @LSAS1

    Can’t remember if I responded or not, but I will be there! I have done all 3 listed above!

  • Nancy Reid

    Posted on Facebook about the party

  • Nancy Reid

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  • Christina Almond

    Woohoo! I so need to get some exercising motivation!


    Facebook: Christina Almond

    christinaalmond at gmail dot com

  • marie

    will be there

  • just rsvp’d @chelleb36
    fb: michelle barrett
    following all and liked on fb
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  • addrienne mertens

    liked fila on FB too
    addrienne anny mertens

  • I’m in!
    Like Fila on FB.
    @wifeandmommy on Twitter!

  • jean

    I love this product and would love to win it!

  • LadyFidza

    Followed you already on twitter and fila on twitter, & facebook 🙂

    [email protected]

  • Following on Twitter.

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    Love your twitter parties!

  • I liked on facebook, btw my twitter handle for follow is @MiscMayzee. My facebook is Ashley Mott. 😀

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    I’m here little late. Following on twitter.

  • shawna

    rsvping for tonight’s party!

  • shawna

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    kamalei c


  • Cassie

    I’m RSVPd as @cassie_d_ape following on twitter, and liked the FB page as Cassie Ridenour Eldridge

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  • joanne smith

    Thank you for the party!

  • joanne smith

    I did all the requirements..

  • adrian

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  • Lynn

    Followed, liked, and RSVPed. =)