Festive Fridays: Valentine’s Day Date Night at Home

Festive Friday Vday Date Night In

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner again! There’s nothing like celebrating the gift of love with your special someone, but sometimes carving out the time and money for an elaborate date night simply isn’t in the plans. Whether you’re short on time, can’t find a sitter, or money’s a little tight, having a Valentine’s Day Date Night In is the perfect answer! Here are five keys to creating a perfect Valentine’s Day, right at home.

FFValentinesDate CollageDo a little prep ahead – No, I’m not talking about start to cook early, though that can be a help. I’m talking about clearing away the distractions of the day, getting the kids to bed, and having a little snack earlier in the evening so you can have a nice, late dinner once the kids are settled. Trust me on this last one. Hangry is not romantic.

Set the mood – Break out the good china and set a nice table. Put out the cloth napkins and buy some fresh flowers for a centerpiece. Play some soft, romantic music and dim the lights for dinner by candlelight. With just a little effort, you’ll almost forget that you’re in your own dining room!

Create the perfect menu – Choosing the perfect menu doesn’t mean that you have to spend the whole week’s grocery budget on a fancy meal. Simply pick a few favorite dishes that you and your partner both enjoy. If neither of you cares to cook, grab takeout from your favorite carryout restaurant. The most important thing is enjoying a meal with the person you love.

Don’t forget dessert – You’ll certainly want to wrap up your dinner with a decadent treat and maybe some champagne or a favorite cocktail. Chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake, or delicious chocolate cake are favorites around here. Make it an evening of indulgence, but remember…Valentine’s Day falls on a weeknight this year so don’t indulge yourself into being miserable in the morning!

Wrap up the night with some entertainment – You can recreate nearly any classic date entertainment right at home! Find a favorite movie on Netflix and cuddle up on the couch. Create a perfect playlist of “your songs” and hit the dance floor right in your kitchen. Whatever you enjoy as a couple, relish in your time together this Valentine’s day!

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