Festive Fridays: Thanksgiving Weekend Fun


If you’re like me, you’re in a flurry of planning and shopping and preparation for Thanksgiving day. There’s tons to organize and loads of kitchen time ahead. However, I’m also thinking about the rest of the long weekend and what we’re going to do to enjoy our time together. Whether you’re shopping, decorating, or just hanging out with the people you love, here are some tips for getting the most out of your Thanksgiving long weekend.

tgwcollageBlack Friday Shopping

  • Map out a plan for shopping before you go. Stores are a madhouse, so it’s less frustrating when you know exactly what you’re after.
  • Get there early. While I am not a fan of leaving Thanksgiving dinner to line up for deals, you’ll definitely want to get in line for your “must have” items well before the store opens.
  • Divide and conquer. Take a shopping buddy along so that you can split up and have a higher chance of getting limited supply items. Makes the waiting pass a little more pleasantly, too.

Decorating for the Holidays

  • Make your major moves first. If you need to rearrange furniture to make room for the tree or other decorations, do that before decorating and make sure the change works well.
  • Check your supplies. Test lights, make sure you have located all decorations in storage, and inventory everything to get replacements before getting started.
  • Create a little atmosphere. Turn on holiday tunes and pour a seasonal beverage to get into the holiday mood.
  • Ask for help! It’s far less fun to decorate when you’re frustrated and struggling to get things done. Make decorating your home a fun affair with the whole family!

Get-together with Friends

  • Break out the leftovers. A fun night with friends is a great way to clean up the Thanksgiving dinner leftovers. Invite them to bring along their extra goodies, as well.
  • Make it a game night. Pull out your favorite board and card games and fill your evening with fun and laughter.
  • Set up a gift exchange. This is the perfect time to get together and set up plans for your Secret Santa exchange. Let the anticipation of the season begin!

Want some more tips for shopping, decorating, and kicking off the holiday season? Check out our Pinterest Board!

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