Festive Fridays: Swap Parties

Festive Friday swap


We’re in the middle of our spring purge over here and we have piles of outgrown toys, clothes, and other items that have been stashed away and unused for years. Often we’ll donate things to various charitable organizations or hold a yard sale to get rid of items that still have value. Another great way I’ve found to get rid of items that still have some use is to have a swap party with friends. Everyone brings over things that they’d like to trade and everyone goes home with some new-to-them goodies without spending a dime!

Depending on the ages of your kids or what kinds of things tend to take over your home, there are lots of options for getting together for a swap.

Book/DVD Swap – Our house is filled with books. Novels, children’s books – you name it. While some are old friends that we can’t bear to part with, others are just taking up space and collecting dust. Have your friends grab a stack of books and refresh your libraries!

swap CollageToy Swap – If your kids are like mine, you probably have toy boxes and closets full of outgrown toys that still have a lot of life in them. Why not trade some of these with friends who are facing the same issue with their toy storage space?

Clothing  – We all have clothes in our closet that we know are never again going to see the light of day, but are still stylish and our kids outgrow outfits sometimes before they even have a chance to get stains or wear out the knees. Before you pass it along for donation, grab some of the best pieces and swap with your friends! Spruce up your wardrobes without breaking into the clothing budget!

Accessories/Shoes- Have an abundance of scarves and costume jewelry or more shoes than your closet can hold? You might have just what one of your friends needs to complete an outfit. Gather up the accessories you have that are collecting dust and swap them out for your friends’ extras!

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  • That’s what I do – swap pre-loved stuff with friends and acquaintances.. It’s always fun to do so.