Festive Fridays: Summer Olympics Watch Party

Festive Friday summer olympics


The Summer Olympics is something that I eagerly anticipate every four years and my world simply stops for the Opening Ceremonies. If there are swimmers in the pool, athletes on the track, or gymnasts on the mat, my availability is questionable, at best. Don’t call. Don’t ask me to do anything. I’m busy cheering on Team USA!

I’m extra excited this year, as my boys are finally old enough to really sit down and enjoy the ceremonies and events with me. During the London games, they were 5 and 6 so they were a little less than focused on the fun. Now 9 and 10, they are ready to watch the games unfold, particularly my 10-year-old swimmer who can’t wait to see how many medals Michael Phelps adds to his collection.

Want to make watching the Opening Ceremonies a special experience for your family or invite over a bunch of friends to cheer on Team USA together? Here are some fun ideas that would be perfect for an Opening Ceremonies watch party or for any night of the Olympics!

FF olympic CollageDecorate – Balloons and streamers are an easy way to make your party space ready for the Olympics. Place clusters of balloons and hang streamers in the colors of the Olympic rings (blue, yellow, black, green, and red) or use red, white, and blue to cheer on the USA! Check your local party store for foil balloons in gold, silver, and bronze or pick up foil streamers or confetti in medal colors.

Party Favors – Small US flags (or the flags of other countries participating in the games) make great party favors. Also, it can be easy to find plastic medals in gold, silver, and bronze that guests can wear during the party. Noisemakers to use during events or when Team USA walks in the ceremony are also fun to include as favors.

Food from Around the World – Pretend you are in Rio with the athletes and serve classic Brazilian foods for your guests to enjoy. Or pick foods from a variety of different countries to represent the diversity of the games. Ask each guest to bring a dish from a country that their ancestors called home for some extra fun.

Sign Station – Offer guests poster board and arts and crafts materials to create signs to cheer on their favorite team, sport, or athlete. Be sure to take pictures and tag the athletes on social media! You just might get a like or retweet!

Party Games – Check out Pinterest to find printable party games like Opening Ceremonies Bingo, Olympics Scavenger Hunts, or hold a backyard Olympics before you sit down to watch together. Give away plastic medals as prizes for the winners.

Enjoy the Games, everyone! GO TEAM USA!

Want some more ideas to bring extra fun to your Olympic experience? Check out our Pinterest board!

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