Festive Fridays: Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Festive Friday Summer birthday

Summer birthdays can be a huge challenge with school out and friends traveling. While it can be tough to get a large number of friends to a birthday party, it’s an even bigger challenge without a classroom full of kids to invite! Here are a few ways to make a summer birthday a ton of fun, even if you can only round up a couple of good friends:

Beach /Pool /Water Park
– Nothing says summer fun like taking some time to relax on the beach or splash around in the pool. Spend the day soaking up the sun and cooling off in the water with a few close friends.

summer birthday CollageAmusement Park/Carnival – While amusement parks can be pricey if you take along a large number of kids, inviting a good friend or two along for some fun, games, and thrill rides is a wonderful way to celebrate your child’s birthday.

Backyard Campout – Pitch a tent or two and invite a few buddies over for a sleepover. Roast hot dogs and marshmallows around a fire pit, tell ghost stories, and sleep under the stars! Even a family birthday campout in the back yard will be a fun treat for a birthday!

Day Tripping – Whether your birthday child is into hiking, enjoys museums, is dying to see a new movie or has been begging to do the local ropes course, a birthday day trip is a great way to celebrate. Choose a couple of activities that are short drive and let them pick their favorite restaurant for lunch in between.

Birthday IOU – If you simply can’t satisfy your child’s need for a big party with lots of friends, give them the option of having a party after the school year starts and it’s easier to gather all of their buddies again. Have cake and gifts with the family on their real birthday and pick a date for a bigger celebration later.

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  • Hey Shannan,
    Thanks dear for sharing/ this wonderful birthday party ideas. I like your suggested ideas. I will defiantly plan to arrange my girlfriend’s birthday party at beach or any nearest water pool.

  • I did a birthday IOU for my son this year. He really wanted to have a big party with all of his friends. We rented out a room at our favorite restaurant. The party went well and my son was very happy. The day of his actual birthday we just had a nice piece of cake and some family over.