Festive Fridays: Spring Cleaning Party

Festive Friday spring cleaning

No, you didn’t misread that title. I really did mean to say Spring Cleaning PARTY. Let me be the first to say that I am not one of those people who thinks it’s a blast to clean. Actually, I’d rather get a root canal than wash a sink of dishes. However, cleaning and organization are necessary evils, so we may as well find ways to make them fun, right?

I know, usually you clean the house, get dressed up, and then throw a party, but in this case we’re breaking from the norm. This time, you’re going to throw some waters and sodas in a cooler, call for a pizza delivery, and get dressed in your comfy cleaning clothes. Spring cleaning really CAN be a party! Just turn on the tunes, order in some munchies, and grab your buddies!

Invite your besties over – I’ve always found that I am a lot less annoyed and more productive when cleaning someone else’s house and I’ve had many friends share the same sentiment. Call up a few friends and set up dates that everyone is available. Spend one day in each of your homes to get all of the spring cleaning duties accomplished, while having some fun and bonding time to boot!

spring cleaning CollageLet the kids in on the fun – If there are little ones underfoot, give them some easy tasks to accomplish while the grownups are taking care of the big things. Younger ones can make a game out of matching socks, while older kids will have fun hosing down outdoor furniture. They may need a little supervision to stay on task, but the extra hands will make the to-do list disappear quickly!

Play on strengths – If you hate wiping down walls and your best friend doesn’t like shampooing carpets, divide and conquer! You’ll get twice as much done because you won’t be procrastinating a task you don’t enjoy. Plus, as you don’t have personal attachments to clutter in someone else’s home, it’s easier to help them realize that they don’t need to keep ALL of those leftover wedding invitations or every single worksheet from Kindergarten.

Designate a runner – Make sure that there is one person who has a less involved task to work on who can make runs for supplies that run out or take donation bags to be dropped off. They can also be the person in charge of making sure the little ones aren’t getting into mischief as they complete their jobs.

Set a group goal – One of the best things about spring cleaning is getting rid of unnecessary junk that’s taking up space in your home. Whether you set a goal of taking a trunk full of old clothing to a shelter or to sell enough unwanted items at a yard sale to earn money for a fun group day at an amusement park, work together and reap the rewards!

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  • How did it work out? I might try this idea this year if I can get a few friends to go along.