Festive Fridays: No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas


festive-friday-pumpkin-decoratingThis weekend, my kids are entering pumpkins into a contest that has only one major rule – no carving or puncturing pumpkins allowed. This left me scouring the internet, trying to find fun and creative ways to decorate pumpkins without breaking the skin. Here are a few of the fun ideas I came across that you can use to decorate pumpkins that will last the whole season through!

picmonkey-pumpkin-decoratingGlitter – I know, I know…it’s glitter. It’s a mess. But when you slather your pumpkin with glue and cover it in sparkle, it’s a gorgeous effect!

Washi Tape  – This week, Amy discovered the beauty of white pumpkins with washi tape accents and life was changed. The contrast is so beautiful!

Paint your favorite character – If you’re an artsy person, grab some paints and add your favorite character to your pumpkins.

Melted Crayons – Melting crayon wax over a white pumpkin creates a stunning effect! And a it’s great way to clean up all those broken crayon pieces in the box.

Stencils – If you’re like me and a little less on the artistic side, stencils are the way to go. Choose patterns, lettering, or find an image stencil and beautify your pumpkins.

Ribbon – Hot glue and a little ribbon can transform a pumpkin into a work of art. Cover the whole thing or just use a few lines as accents.

Random craft supplies – Dig through your craft box and let your imagination soar! Glue on googly eyes, pompoms, sequins, jewels, and more to make a gorgeous display.

Want some more pumpkin decorating ideas? Check out our Pinterest board!

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