Festive Fridays: Keeping Christ in Christmas


With just a little more than a week to go until Christmas, the last minute hustle and bustle has taken over our lives. We’re running nonstop to events, baking, shopping, wrapping and often stressing about how it get everything done and make everyone happy. It’s easy to lose sight of the real meaning of why we, as Christians, celebrate the holidays. Celebrating the birth of our Savior should be at the forefront of our activities.


There are lots of different ways to celebrate the birth of Jesus this holiday season, and they don’t all involve leaving the house. Find ways to worship that are a fit for your family and holiday travel plans (or lack thereof) and make sure that you are communicating with your children exactly why this is the most important part of Christmas.

Christmas Eve service is a family tradition for us and one that my kids look forward to each year. After Christmas Eve dinner and gift opening  at my dad’s house, we get all dressed up (unusual for us, as we go to a very casual church) and find seats with our closest friends to sing Christmas hymns and listen to the story of Christmas as a family.

Read Luke 2 aloud with your family on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning before opening gifts. Take time to discuss some of the various pieces of the story with younger kids, like why Mary and Joseph were traveling or why the shepherds were afraid when they saw the angels in the sky.

Write birthday letters to Jesus. Kids take the time to write to Santa to ask him for a list of gifts, so why not have them write a birthday note for Jesus. Read your letters together as a family on Christmas eve or morning.

Have everyone choose a gift to give to Jesus. This can be a gift of time to a ministry or charity, serving in Jesus’ name or a tangible gift given to someone in need. Explain to children that we are able to give to others because of the amazing gift of salvation that God gave to us through His Son.

Set a place for Jesus at your holiday table. When you sit down to enjoy your family Christmas meal, set an extra place at the table for the King of Kings to serve as a reminder of why you’re celebrating.

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