Festive Fridays: Halloween and Harvest Party Theme Ideas


It’s time for gathering friends and family to celebrate all things fall! Whether you’re planning a costume party for Halloween or want to have a few friends over to appreciate the tastes of the season, we’ve got a few fun theme ideas for you. Hope this list sparks inspiration for your upcoming fall party plans!

hpartyidas-collageHeroes and Villains – Invite everyone over for a fun costume party themed around their favorite good guys and bad guys. Be sure to snag photos of any hero/nemesis pairs that show up for some fun memories!

Couples/Groups – Encourage your guests to work as a team when coming up with their costume ideas! Pairing up or coming as a themed group will be fun for everyone!

Decades – Pick a decade or tell everyone to come dressed from their favorite era. You can theme your food and beverages around popular items or phrasing from different periods in history. Groovy Rainbow Sherbet Punch, anyone?

Murder Mystery – Set the scene and invite everyone over to solve a “who done it” mystery. Encourage guests to come costumed to fit the story!

Pumpkin – If you’re all about the iconic foods and flavors of the season, having a pumpkin party is a fabulous idea! Find recipes that feature pumpkin, make pumpkin spice cocktails, and have a pumpkin decorating contest.

Apple – In a similar vein, you can theme your party around all things apple! Serve appletinis and have appetizers with a hint of apple. Have everyone bring a favorite dish where apple is the star of the show!

Want more fun Halloween and Harvest party ideas? Check out our Pinterest Board!


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