Festive Fridays: Game Night Gift Exchange Party


*post by Shannan Powell, mom of 3 boys, RM Media community and project manager, and Resourceful Mommy contributor.


With the holidays fast approaching, I’m excited to start making plans with friends and family to get together and celebrate the season! However, if your loved ones are like mine, people are scattered far and wide over the holiday season. Traditional holiday dinners and get-togethers can be tough to figure out.

We’ve come up with some creative solutions for getting together with loved ones for the holidays when you’re going in different directions during the more traditional celebration days. I’ll be sharing one of these fun ideas with you each week throughout the season! And we’re kicking it off with:

Game Night Gift Exchange

Friends (and family) who play together, stay together! We love getting together with our besties and their little ones to have an afternoon of board games. For the holiday season, you can combine this with a gift exchange and it results in a ton of fun!

Plan a weekend afternoon or evening for everyone to get together and bring an unopened favorite board game to exchange with another family in your group. You can even get the kids in on the gift-giving action by allowing them to select favorite, age-appropriate games to exchange with the other children.

We like snacky food choices for these get-togethers. For an after dinner party, choose easy things like chips and dip, cheese trays, and pinwheel sandwiches to keep fingers from getting too messy as you enjoy the games. Cold cut trays for make-your-own sub sandwiches are a great choice for a slightly heavier meal. Create dishes within the party theme – scrabble tile cookies, Jenga cheese towers, checkerboard sandwiches bring lots of visual fun!

Set up a few tables so that everyone can enjoy their new games together and let the fun begin! Let the adults play in one room and kids in another or mix everyone up for some true family togetherness!

Need ideas for games to exchange? Want great food ideas for hosting your own Game Night Gift Exchange? Check out our Pinterest board!

Check back next week for more Festive Fridays fun!


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