Festive Fridays: Farewell to Summer

Festive Friday farewell summer

We’re hanging out around my house today, lamenting that summer’s nearly over and thinking of what we want to do to send the season out with a bang before we head back to school. The day before school starts, we plan to spend the day at a local water park and shut the place down…which serves as  a fun farewell to summer and also helps wear the kids out so that there’s less of a struggle at bedtime.

I took to Facebook to see what others do to say goodbye to summer and to gather some more creative suggestions to share. Here are some great ideas that my friends have:

My local friend Kristin suggested “We always go on an away vacation the very last week of summer vacation. A way to say “goodbye summer” since school starts later in this area, we find it is a great week to go to amusement parks etc because most students are already in school!!”

fffarewellsummercollageAnother local friend, Noel, creates a great memento at the end of each summer: “We go to the boardwalk and get one of those Old Timey photos done every year.”

Julie of Julieverse celebrates her sons’ end of summer birthdays with special dinners out before school starts. (She also has a great post with back to school prep tips for parents that would be useful in those final days of summer break!)

Ang of Untrained Housewife says “ I like to let my kids personalize their back to school supplies and give each child their own supplies even though we homeschool. It’s fun because they get a chance to be creative, and it gives them each their own personal little items so they don’t feel like they are missing out by homeschooling.” Learn more about her personalized school supply centers and tips for homeschoolers.

Debra at FindingDebra.com has “made a sweet mommy/daughter tradition of having afternoon tea at the American Girl store. It’s something we both look forward to near the end of summer as we celebrate going back to school.”

Beth of The Angel Forever shared “We often do a bunch of fun things on Labor Day since we go back the next day. Typically mini golf, lunch out, and one last soft serve ice cream cone.”

Trinity of Noise with Dirt says “We’re going to get their supplies & stuff tonight. Possibly out to dinner if the husband agrees. The boys are headed to (the beach) next week with their Grandmother. We’re splitting days that we’ll be there with them.”

Want some more ideas on great end of summer activities and back-to-school prep? Check out our Pinterest board!

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