Festive Fridays: Enjoying a Warm Winter Day

Festive Friday warm winter

While the groundhog said that we’d be looking at another 6 weeks of winter, the weather here in the Mid-Atlantic didn’t get the memo. We have had some amazingly warm and beautiful days lately and the extended forecast is hinting at more above average temperatures to come. While I’m not fully convinced that we’ve seen the last of winter, I’m trying to find ways to take advantage of this unseasonably warm weather and brighten our moods until the official start of spring.

  • warm winterCollageGet a jumpstart on the yard work. – Have piles of leaves and debris in the yard? Start the cleanup now and have more time to enjoy a beautiful lawn once spring rolls around.
  • Take a nature walk. – Hike your favorite trails or just walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the fresh air. Search for the first signs of spring and enjoy watching the local wildlife take advantage of the beautiful day, as well.
  • Move your office outside. – If you can’t take the day off to enjoy the weather, see if you can move your office outdoors. Those lucky enough to be able to get their job done with just a laptop and wifi signal can often make an “office” out of the porch or patio or even a picnic table at a local park.
  • Let the weather inspire creativity. – Paint a picture, create a craft, or rearrange a room. The mood upswing that often comes with a beautiful day will help inspire you to be creative. Choose a project you can do outside for some bonus points!
  • Enjoy an outdoor lunch. – There’s nothing I enjoy more in warm weather than eating outdoors, especially before the insect influx that usually accompanies summer. Pack a picnic and head to the park or just dust off the patio table and take your plate outside and soak in the sun and fresh air.
  • Start spring cleaning! – Warm day, but facing a little rain? You don’t have to go outside to enjoy the warmer temperatures. A warm, rainy day is the perfect time to open a couple of windows and start freshening up your home for the upcoming season. Crank up the music and tackle some projects around the house!

Like the idea of getting a jump on spring cleaning on warm winter days? Check out our Pinterest board for some great tips!


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