Festive Fridays: Easy, Affordable Date Night Ideas

Festive Friday date night


Spending time with your significant other is an important part of keeping your relationship healthy.  However, with all of the busy-ness of life, especially with small children, it can be so easy to let your relationship fall by the wayside.  When you’re strapped for time and money, here are a few easy date night (or afternoon!) ideas that would only require the expense of a sitter for a couple of hours or even no sitter at all!

date night CollageTake a tour – Visit a local vineyard or brewery and take a tour. Usually, these tours aren’t terribly lengthy but are a lot of fun to enjoy with your special someone.  Plus you often can get a couple of samples of the company’s products to cap off your date.

Pack a picnic – Put together a picnic lunch or dinner and escape for a quiet meal on the beach or in a park while the kids are on a playdate with friends. Enjoying some time together in nature is a great, affordable way for some quality couple time.

Go on a hike – Many local or state parks have hiking trails that would make a great date. Check websites for hiking maps and trail locations, then simply stroll together, taking in nature, or go on a more challenging hike if you’re adventurous!

Cook a fancy meal at home – No sitter at all? You can still enjoy some quality time at home but cooking a fancy dinner with the good china at the dining table, either after the kids go to bed or while enjoy the treat of pizza and a movie in the family room. It’s not guaranteed to be free from interruptions, but it’s sure worth a shot!

Enjoy the stars in your own backyard – After the kids are in bed, turn on the baby monitor and head out to the porch or patio for a quiet chat around the fire pit. You can have a little romantic time alone under the beauty of the night sky, while staying within earshot of the little ones.

It can take a little creativity to create couples time, but the rewards are well worth the effort!

Want some more ideas to make your date night special? Check out our Pinterest board!

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