Festive Fridays: Easter Leftovers

Festive Friday easter leftovers

In a few short days, Easter will have come and gone and many of us will be overwhelmed with an exorbitant amount of candy, hard boiled eggs, and empty plastic eggs with no earthly idea what to do with it all.  I hate to be wasteful and try not to overdo it, but every year, it seems we end up tossing leftover candy and eggs. Throwing away perfectly good candy should be considered a sin, but really, many children, including my own, get far more than they need to consume for Easter.

This year, however, it is my solemn vow to waste less over the Easter holiday (and no, that doesn’t mean I am going to snarf all the extra candy myself instead of pitching it).

Here are a few ideas for avoiding the trash bin when it comes to Easter leftovers:


Donate it to the classroom – Check with your child’s teacher to see if they can use the leftovers for class treats or rewards. In some schools, there may be a policy in place because of food allergies or other issues but many teachers would welcome the extra treats, if allowed.

Bake up some candy brownies – Check out this delicious recipe for Leftover Easter Candy Brownies from Colorado Moms for a tasty idea for making a decadent treat out of your candy leftovers. This looks like a fun and delicious way to use up some of the candy haul!

Hard Boiled Eggs

Add a twist to an old favorite – Deviled eggs and egg salad are a staple in the days following Easter. Why not change things up and add in some diced ham to your deviled egg recipe or serve up egg salad in a wrap or pita pocket. Your lunch budget for next week will thank you!

Give pickling a try – This Pickled Eggs with Beets recipe from Taste of Home would be a great side for a family dinner or a delicious, protein-packed lunch.  If you have a large number of hard boiled eggs left over, this is a great way to make them last a long time.

Plastic Eggs

Get crafty – While it’s economical to reuse plastic eggs for next year, it can be a lot more fun to create fun crafts like this adorable caterpillar or this Humpty Dumpty craft from Just Is a Four Letter Word. BONUS: It’ll help keep the kids busy for a bit over spring break!

Make a mold – Tape over the holes in the bottom of plastic eggs and use them as gelatin molds or give them to the kids to make “eggs” with play dough.

There are lots of fun ways to repurpose all those holiday extras! What do you do with your Easter leftovers?

Want more ideas on using up Easter leftovers? Check out our Pinterest board!

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