Festive Fridays: Classroom Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Festive Friday Vdayclassroom

In many elementary school classrooms, yearly Valentine’s Day parties are an anticipated event. Kids love handing out cards and treats to friends and of course, they love any excuse for snacks and games in the classroom. Want some fun ideas for helping your children’s teacher to throw a fun event for the kids? Here are a few tips:

Offer to bring a craft – Kids love to make a special Valentine’s craft to take home to their parents or siblings. Pick up some foam kits, glitter, popsicle sticks, or other supplies at your favorite craft store and volunteer to take over for teacher for a little while. The kids will have a blast and you’ll be the teacher’s favorite parent for the day.

Print out a few sets of Valentine’s printables – Send in some extra Valentine’s cards for children whose parents may not have been able to afford to purchase cards or who might have lost track of time and forgotten about it. This way everyone can be included in card exchanges and no one will feel left out.OSX0IVKVFP (2)

Bring in a tasty treat – Check your school’s policy on bringing in treats, then find or make an appropriate snack to share with the class. Even if you’re required to provide store bought treats, fun holiday themed printables taped to the packaging can make them feel just as special as a homemade decorated treat!

Put together a few great party games – What’s a party without a few games? Find some fun ideas to keep the kids occupied and bring along some prizes that they can try to win. They’ll have a blast!

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