Festive Fridays: Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Festive Friday celebrate st pat


St. Patrick’s Day is a day where just about everyone celebrates being Irish, even if it’s an honorary nationality, awarded you for your love of Guinness. While the roots of this special day a religious feast to honor St. Patrick, who is the patron saint of Ireland, it has become a celebration of all things Irish. Whether your family has roots in the Emerald Isles or if you’re just a big fan of corned beef, pour yourself an Irish car bomb and start making festive plans for the day.

stpatcollageSet a leprechaun trap. – Help your kids set up a leprechaun trap to see if the can get their hands on one and have him reveal his hidden pot of gold. You can go all out with an original design, look up tutorials on the internet, or just set up a Looney Toons style cardboard box propped up with a stick and throw in some chocolate gold coins for bait.

Surprise your family with a few leprechaun tricks. – That tricksy leprechaun you tried to catch is sure to be annoyed that you were after his pot of gold! He might sabotage your sink sprayer with a rubber band or clear tape. Use washable markers to draw on faces while asleep. Eat all of the marshmallows out of the cereal box. Anything that’s pranky, your local leprechaun will be in on it.

Turn something green. – Most people think green beer for St. Patrick’s Day, but there are loads of other things that you can turn green for fun, too. Green milk is a fun way to surprise the kids on St. Patrick’s Day. A few drops in the toilet bowl will be a shocker, for sure. Dye cake or cookie batter for a delicious treat. A drop of dye to make green tea even greener would be fun, too. A little temporary green hair dye might be a fun option, too!

Serve corned beef and cabbage. – Corned beef and cabbage is an easy, delicious dinner. Simply toss the corned beef into the crockpot with carrots, onions, and potatoes in the morning, then add in the cabbage an hour before you’re ready to serve dinner. If you’re not fans of corned beef, just substitute with ham!

Make a fun dessert. – Check out our post from last St. Patrick’s for a fun rainbow cake that you can decorate with gold coins, shamrocks, or simply just frost and enjoy. Cupcakes with green frosting, rainbow sherbet, or cereal treats made with Lucky Charms are just a few of the easy desserts that you can serve after your traditional Irish dinner.

Want some inspiration for St. Patrick’s Day fun? Check out our Pinterest board!

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