Festive Fridays: Celebrate Back-to-School

Festive Friday back to school

While some schools are already back in session, the majority of my friends and family are counting down to back to school and squeezing in some last-minute summer memories. Whether your kids go back next week or next month, there’s still time left for making this the best summer ever and here are a few ideas to get you started!

ff bts CollageFamily fun days – My kids aren’t back until after Labor Day, so we’re planning on a “fun day” each week, where I will either take a weekday off or work a half day and we’ll head out for some local fun. We visited the state fair, went to a local waterpark, and have a beach day planned for next week.

Plan a staycation – If you’ve got a few days off, play tourist at home! Get out to some local landmarks, visit museums, or relax in local parks and beaches. Have your own mini-vacation and head home each night to sleep in your own bed.

Go on a daytrip – If there’s nothing local that’s appealing, hop in the car and visit a nearby amusement park, national park, or other larger attraction. Some of my best childhood memories were made within a couple hours’ drive of home!

Make a new friend – Once those school class lists are up, look for new names in your children’s classes and try to find out contact information to welcome them to the school. Or reach out to a child that you don’t know as well to get together before school begins. It’ll be great to have a fast friend on the first day!

Have a back-to-school party – Gather your friends and family for one last hurrah of summer! Have a cookout, pool party, or just enjoy some sweet treats together in the days before the freedom of summer vacation ends.


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