Festive Fridays: Carving Out Family Time



With school back in session and activities for the fall season ramping up, it can be tough to carve out family time in the weekend. As kids grow older, it becomes harder and harder to compete with clubs, school activities, and time with their friends, but finding time to bond as a family is more important than ever. Here are a few ideas for finding family moments in a weekend that seems to not have a second to spare.

carvingfamilytimecollageMake errands a group effort – If your weekend is like mine, it’s a whirlwind of chores, errands, and activities. Often, we’ve got everyone going in a different direction and it can be tough to find time to be together. Choose an errand to do as a family or one-on-one as some special time with one of the kids – grocery shop together, for example.  You can teach the kids an important life skill, get an important task checked off the list, and have some laughs together.

Start a family favorites list – Designate a night to have an inexpensive meal on the town with the whole family and rate the restaurants when you get home. Compile your family’s choices for best pizza, best breakfast, favorite ice cream shop, etc. Not only will you get to support more of your local businesses, you’ll have some great recommendations for friends and family visiting the area!

Get in the kitchen together – Have everyone choose a favorite dish and prepare a meal together each weekend. Older kids and teens will gain experience in the kitchen, while the little ones will enjoy getting to be sous chefs. Meals are more delicious when prepared together and with lots of love and laughter.

Work as a family on home projects – Even if some of the kids are in and out at activities, weekend DIY projects are something that the whole family can help with. Working together opens up a great opportunity for some heart-to-heart chats and belly laughs, while getting important tasks done around the house.

Designate a time for short outings – Create a time block where no one is allowed outside plans for a couple of hours during the weekend. Use that time to relax at the park, visit a local museum, or take a trip to a local fall festival. It can be hard to sync schedules, but with a designated time each week, it’s easier to come up with a plan to spend quality time together.

Want some more ideas for enjoying family time? Check out our Pinterest board!


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