Festive Fridays: April Fools’ Day

Festive Friday april fools

It’s April 1st…the day that you don’t believe anything you read on the internet; that you tentatively creep around your house to ensure you aren’t ensnared in some sort of prank; that you think up all kinds of hilarious and dastardly things to do to your children. While we don’t go too crazy around here with huge elaborate pranks, we do like a good joke. Here are a few of our better April Fools’ pranks to serve as inspiration as you torture have fun with your family today.

Unintended Shower – My oldest son and stepson thought it would be hilarious to prank my husband by taping down the trigger on the sprayer of the kitchen sink with clear tape so that when it was turned on, it would soak him. Hilarious and not too terribly messy! (While the prank itself worked wonderfully, the intended recipient wasn’t the victim. They forgot that a certain 9-months-pregnant lady would wake up in the middle of the night and likely attempt to get a drink of water. Ahem.)

spiderPlastic Bugs – Not an April Fools goes by that my kids don’t hide some kind of plastic bug or spider somewhere that is likely to induce a scream from mom. I’ve found them on the car steering wheel, the toilet seat, my laptop keyboard, and on and on. I’ll admit, even though I’ve come to expect them, it still usually makes me jump at first!


Stuck coins – There once were two quarters super glued to the end of my driveway for months. That was like the prank that kept on giving, especially when the same neighborhood kids forgot that they were stuck there and kept trying to pick them up.

Want some fun ideas to sneak in a last minute April Fools’ prank on your family or get a jump on ideas for next year? Check out our Pinterest board!

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