Festive Friday: Throwback Family Fun Night

Festive Friday throwback

Today’s Festive Friday is sponsored by Gorton’s Seafood. All opinions are our own.

Nostalgia. It gets the better of every one of us sometimes, particularly when our kids show even the smallest glimmer of interest in something that we enjoyed as children. The sights, smells, and feelings of a time that things were just a little bit simpler make us wistful to relive our glory days. We think of our own joy and happiness from days gone by and want nothing more than to share those same feelings with our own kids. Why not spend some time sharing some of your childhood favorites with your family on a Throwback Family Fun night?


Dress for the occasion – Dig deep in the back of your closet (or in last week’s laundry pile – we’re not judging) and unearth that 90s flannel that you never threw away. Bust out your moth-eaten Pacman tee and your worn out high top Chucks. They’re still cool, right? Retro is always in fashion! Let the kids get in on the action, but don’t give them too much direction. It’s a complete blast to see their interpretation of what they think you wore in the 70s, 80s, or 90s.


TV time – Once you have the mood set, kick things off by sharing some of your favorite childhood cartoons and weeknight sitcoms with your kids. Between Netflix, Hulu, cable networks, and YouTube, almost any show that you enjoyed as a kid is at your fingertips today. You can even find classic throwback commercials! This same nostalgia that you feel when watching the TV of the “good old days” has inspired Gorton’s to bring back the Gorton’s Fisherman for a series of new commercials. Admit it. You know Trust the Gorton’s Fisherman is now stuck in your head. Now click over and see how our fisherman friend enjoys Game Day and how he attempts to impress the ladies. Gorton’s new commercials will leave you with a little chuckle, a craving for childhood favorite meals around the family table, and an idea for dinner!


Dinner plans – Skip the gourmet food and carry out for this family night and take things back old school with a simple but delicious homemade meal. Show off your true culinary prowess with an amazing meal of Gorton’s Fish Sticks or Battered Filets and include sides like crinkle fries or mac and cheese – don’t forget the quickie mayo-and-relish Tartar sauce and some ketchup for dipping. Serve a salad on the side, complete with bacon bits from a jar and some nice, orange French dressing. You’ll quickly find that Gorton’s Delicious Classics breaded and battered fish sticks and filets have the same appeal with your kids that it did with you, giving you a quick, easy meal to add to your weekly lineup.


Break out the movies – After dinner, settle in and watch an iconic movie from the 80s or 90s. Classics like E.T. or The Neverending Story are always a big hit. Just be prepared and maybe pre-screen before you share with little ones. I’ve found that I’ve forgotten some scenes in certain movies and was a little bit shocked at foul language and innuendo. Want to err on the side of safety but possible embarrassment? Break out the old VHS home videos from your childhood and really travel back in time.


Old School Fun & Games – Playing a classic game together is a great way to cap off your night of throwback fun. Monopoly, The Game of Life, Trouble, and Sorry are just a few of the childhood favorites that I enjoy regularly with my kids. What is the most fun is showing them the video games that we played, which are often available to download on newer systems or through simulators on computer. I’ve got one who’s hooked on the original The Legend of Zelda at the moment. If your kids are smaller, see if you can dig through your parents’ attic or check out local thrift shops and yard sales to pick up some of your favorite old toys to give them a taste of what you enjoyed playing with in childhood. Whatever you do, sharing the things you did “back in the day” with your kids is so much fun!

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