Fesitive Fridays: Cool Family Fun Night Ideas

Festive Friday cool fun night

In many areas across the country, including here in the Mid-Atlantic, people are dealing with an EPIC heatwave. While summer family fun for us often includes time around a fire pit making S’mores or hanging around on the porch listening to music, on nights like this we’re looking for ways to stay cool! Here are a few fun ideas for relaxing with the family and having a great time, without breaking a sweat:

  • cool family fun CollageVideo games tournament – Yeah, I know. They get plenty of screentime, but when the whole family gets in on the gaming action for some fun bonding time, we can make an exception, right?
  • Theme night – Pick a theme, choose some related foods, find a couple of movies that fit, and make your night a special experience. There are dozens upon dozens of themes you could play on: Decades, sports, holidays, even choose a color theme for the evening. The sky is the limit!
  • Drama night – Tired of movie night? Charge up a device to record video and make your own movie! Take turns reading and acting out a favorite story or book, put on a play, or make up your own TV show as you go along. The kids will love being the stars of the show!
  • Chef Battle – If your family enjoys getting in the kitchen, have a TV-style chef battle. Choose a secret ingredient for the night or let everyone choose their favorite dish to create. Designate someone as the judge and see who comes out on top!
  • Trip planning night – Whether you’re about to head out on a family vacation before the end of summer or if you’re thinking ahead to a future trip, sit down together and start planning your adventure. Talk about the various attractions, let everyone help in making decisions, and maybe finish off your planning session with a snack that’s popular in the area you’ll be visiting.

Want some more ideas for activities to keep you cool in a heatwave? Check out our Pinterest board!

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