Family Game Night Gift Ideas and Pie Face Review #PlayLikeHasbro

Pie Face game FINALWe’re just days away from the Christmas holidays and Santa’s elves are hard at work finishing up all of the last minute gifts! If you’re like me, you’re likely checking that list twice and looking for a few more ideas to put under the tree.

Games are always a big hit at our house, whether they are video games or board games. This year, I’ve heard non-stop about Pie Face, so much so that we gave it as a birthday party gift before even playing it ourselves!

We were given the chance to check this fun game out and my boys have declared it a favorite! The premise is simple. You spin a spinner, then put your face into a frame, click the handles the designated number of times and wait to see if you end up with a face full of pie!

Want to see my kids get hit in the face? Enjoy!

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And I got in on the action, too!

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Yes, it can be messy and we often play it on the porch for easier cleanup, but the laughter makes it a mess worth cleaning up! And if you’re really worried about the mess, you can use the included sponge to play the game with water, instead.

Pro Tip: You will have to buy your own can of whipped cream, so if this makes it under your tree, plan ahead!

I know we’re planning to spend some time over the holiday break playing board games as a family. If that’s on your agenda, too, why not pick up some of these Hasbro classics as a family gift to enjoy together!

lifeThe Game of Life has been a favorite of mine since childhood. Not only is it a ton of fun to play, but it gives parents a chance to teach kids about making choices about their career path and more!c03009e352b29c5cb69bffc0a12daea364f07df1

Operation has changed a bit since we were kids, but it’s still the same crazy fun with Cavity Sam! These days, he has ailments like Headphone Headache and Gamer’s Thumb! Can you remove the pieces and fix him up?



Battleship is a great, classic combat strategy game. Place your fleet and fire away! Can you sink your opponent’s ships before they sink yours?


scrabbleI love Scrabble for so many reasons! The challenge of creating words is always exciting, plus it’s so educational to play with the kids. This is a game that the whole family can enjoy, even the littles who might need a bit of help creating their words!

monopolyMonopoly isn’t just a game at our house, it’s a way of life. Not a Christmas goes by without a new addition to our Monopoly collection, but the original still gets the most game play in our house. What token will you pick? The boat, the car, or the new cat token?

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