Family Eden Site Warming Prizes! UPDATED!

Everyone likes to win stuff. In order to celebrate the launch of the fabulous new social networking site, Family Eden, we are giving away the following prizes! Read the rules, enter, win. It’s as easy as that. Good luck!

1. Mighty Miracle Mist – Good Behavior in a Bottle! – from Helpful Hallie’s – value $16.90 Helpful Hallie’s provides moms with a magic feather of sorts. These cute little bottles of unscented, hypo-allergenic spray with tiny “magic stars” give your little ones the extra courage they need to push through frustrating situations, tackle that sad moment of separation at bedtime, take a deep breath and use a calmer voice, even share with a sibling – all by helping them to rely on their own strengths. Learn more!

2. Wear Clean Underwear by Alexis Martin Neely – A Fast, Fun, Friendly – and Essential – Guide to Legal Planning for Busy Parents – value $16.95 This informative and well-written book guides parents through the process of legally choosing guardians for their children. Playing off of the old adage of always being prepared for anything by wearing clean underwear each time you leave the house, this book shows parents how to really be prepared – just one more step in being a loving and thoughtful parent.

3. Tooth Tunes – a new toothbrush from Hasbro that puts music in your mouth! – $20 value To learn more about tooth tunes, please check out my product review on Type-A Mom.

4. Organic Bath and Body Products from SALUS – $35 value This wonderful package of pampering gifts for you includes artisan soaps, bath bombs, and incredibly soothing muscle gel. To learn more check out this review!

5. The First Born Advantage-Making Your Birth Order Work for You by Dr. Kevin Leman – making your birth order work for you – $20 value As the baby of my family, I immediately think of the wonderful aspects of being the youngest child….yet can readily recognize the characteristics of the typical first born child in my older brother. Often our government leaders, top business executives, and PTA Presidents have something in common – they are firstborns. This book lays out the personality traits most often associated with first-born children and helps you apply them at home, at work, at school, and in relationships. Perhaps the most important reason to read this book? How about tips on parenting your first born?

6. Mead Writing Fundamentals – Stage 1 Gift Pack – over $30 value – three winners! I have been so impressed with this new line of products from Mead that I included them in my post about the top unique and innovative gifts for this holiday season. My four year old daughter has returned to these products again and again since receiving them as part of a product review for the Type-A Mom Gift Guide, and as her mother and an educator, I continue to be pleased. They are not only innovative, but they are also educational and fun.

7. Hooked on Phonics – Learn to Read Kit, Toddler Edition – $100 value!!! This learning kit from the trusted team at Hooked on Phonics reaches our children at a critical stage – pre-reading. This particular kit focuses on little ones age 13 months to 36 months, and includes seven board books, one bath book, one audio CD with eight songs, ten large flash cards, an easy to clean placemat, one Hooked on Baby character poster, a milestone poster with stickers, and a comprehensive parents’ guide. The adorable characters used in the full line of Hooked on Phonics products – DogBug and PopFox – help to make learning to learn and eventually learning to read fun!

8. $25 Gift Card to NOVICA – unique gifts created by master artists from around the world. This holiday give a truly unique gift by shopping at, an online world market associated with The National Geographic Society. You can search by region of the globe, type of product (Home Decor, Jewelry & Apparel, Paintings), gift finder, and customer favorites. If a truly unique gift such as those available at NOVICA still won’t please that tough customer on your holiday shopping list, why not get them a gift certificate and let them choose their own global treasure?

9. Child ID Bracelet from Chicks and Cubs – $8.00 value (and yet priceless) This December my family is travelling to Walt Disney World for the first time. My four year old is the very definition of cautious. My two year old? He could disappear from my site in an empty six by six foot room. Luckily, Cynthia at Chicks and Cubs offers Child Safety ID inside bracelets. These soft, cloth bracelets fit safely on your child’s wrist and enclose their ID information. The average speaking two year old can only be understood 50% of the time. If your child gets separated from you in a large crowd, what is the chance that he or she will be able to communicate enough information to get them safely back to you? With this very visible bracelet, your child will be safely returned to your arms in no time.

10. $25 Gift Card from Hippos Toes – unique and whimsical fashions for children Carole and the wonderful people at Hippos Toes Boutique offer the best in fair trade clothing made by moms for moms. The gorgeous cotton knits and blends provide beauty with comfort, style with quality. Hippos Toes features the upscale Bug Zoo line of children’s clothing with separates to mix and match to create a beautiful wardrobe for your little one.

11. Kubit2Me Lil’ Scholars Edition – a fabulous game for the whole family Kubit2Me is a game unlike any other I have seen or played. My family and I enjoy the Lil’ Scholars Edition so much that I featured this game in one of my Top Holiday Gifts posts this year. One of the best features of this game is the endless playing possibilities. My family particularly enjoys playing with the bonus box of “parts of the body.” There is nothing more fun than having each family member chose a part of the body and explain the ways in which we use it. One of my favorites is when my daughter explained that eyebrows are useful for expressing anger without words. While that’s the case, Kubit2Me is a great way to increase communication within your family!

12. Gift package from Anita Hampl of Send Out Cards – $50 value – Anita Hampl from Send Out Cards has offered a wonderful package! Give three loved ones the joy of receiving a beautiful card that you are able to customize online! And do you want to make it even sweeter? Anita will add a decadent chocolate brownie to each of the three cards and try make your friend or family member’s day. So send a H.U.G. – Heartfelt Unexpected Greeting.

13. Gift package from You Can Make This – create it yourself gifts – $25 value This year give a gift that truly comes from you. The beautiful crafts and patterns available on You Can Make This are able to be purchased, printed out, and made in the comfort of your own home. I found this site to be so impressive that I wrote about it in a top holiday gift ideas post. What’s beautiful about this site is that it combines online shopping with unique, hand-made crafts!

14. Heart of a Woman in Business – Stories, strategies, and skills for success – by Sheryl Rousch The Heart series of books by Sheryl Rousch are a fabulous gift idea for the women in your life. Informative and inspirational, they tap into the many aspects of a woman’s life. Because the book is divided into small, easily consumed sections, I found them to make wonderful bed time reading. If you’re looking for inspiration in the quiet hours of the morning, turn to some of your favorite stories from other women who have found success. Read more about this specific book in the series in my book review inType-A Mom’s Gift Guide.

15. Carey and Co. INGREDIENTS Ultra-Moisturizing Body ScrubINGREDIENTS products are formulated to blend natural components including essential oils, moisturizers, and exfoliants into a scrub that is both luxurious and effective. The indulgent patchouli/pine scrub uses refreshing, cooling spearment leaves, which are a natural pain reliever used to treat skin irritation and fatigue, along with essential oil of patchouli, which is used to treat anxiety, as well as dry and mature skin. Essential oil of pine needles is a natural antiseptic used to treat everything from asthma to flu symptoms, which is also wonderfully reminiscent of the holiday season. Combined, they create a unique fragrance that is both soothing and energizing.

Here is how you win:

Step 1: Beginning Tuesday, November 18th Register for a free membership at the family friendly social networking site, Family Eden, and be sure to tell them ResourcefulMommy (all one word) sent you. If the referral system is not working, please just register at Family Eden and let me know here anyway.

Step 2: Return to this post and comment that you registered, which prize you are here to win, and how I can contact you.

And here’s a little secret piece of information. Beginning Tuesday you’ll also be able to enter to win a brand new laptop from Toshiba from Family Eden…but you need to register on the site first. I will update this site with more information as it becomes available.

Good luck!

The Family Eden Site Warming Goody Bag contest ends Monday, November 24th at midnight.

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