Earth Footwear 30 Day Challenge

Look how amazing my legs look since I began the Earth Footwear 30 Day Challenge!

Okay, so that’s not really me. But my legs do look and feel much better! When I first began wearing the shoes, I had to adjust to the internal incline. The first couple of times I wore the shoes I felt a bit like I wasn’t stepping properly. Now that I’ve worn them for awhile I hardly notice the difference.

Although I’ve worn my Earth Footwear during my normal daily routine, today was the first day that I really put them to work. This morning I was the parent helper at my son’s pre-school and I could really feel the impact the shoes had on my legs, particularly my thighs. The walk to take the trash out behind the school, my many trips up and down the hall walking children to the bathroom, and the time I spent scurrying around the classroom made my legs feel more like they were getting a mini-workout than my regular sneakers.

Now that the weather is finally returning to normal (no more snow!) I hope to begin nightly walks in my Earth Footwear. I have also been considering rejoining the gym where I used to workout, and if that happens I plan on maximizing my circuit training by wearing my Earth Footwear during workouts.

To be continued….

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