Earth Footwear 30 Day Challenge – Let It Begin!

FACT: I am 30 pounds overweight and soft from spending days either sitting at a computer or exhausted from chasing my three year old or driving my five year old here there and everywhere.

FACT: The healthiest time in my life was in graduate school when I didn’t own a car and walked everywhere I needed to go.

FACT: This is what my neighborhood looks like right now. Walking is rather, well, limited.

If I’m going to walk to get in shape, I need to maximize each step I take. This is why I agreed whole-heartedly to take the Earth Footwear 30 Day Challenge. A modern mom’s life is about multi-tasking, and although there’s a voice in my head that says, “Drop everything. Get in shape. Change your life,” we all know that that is just not possible. I have children to raise, a house to keep, a family to love, and a job to do. From all that I know about the Exer-walk, I fully believe this may be the boost I need to make better use of each step I take!

I invite you to follow me on my journey as I update how I’m feeling, how I feel about the shoes, and how this is kick starting my plans for future fitness goals.
Product provided by Earth Footwear.

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