Earth Footwear: Change Your Body in 30 Days Update

For the last 30 days I’ve been wearing my Earth Footwear (product provided for review) as part of a blogger challenge. I did not weigh myself at the beginning of the challenge because I learned long ago that the numbers on the scale are often not a good indication of anything. I have been excited to feel the changes in my legs, in particular, from wearing the Earth Footwear, and I am going to continue to wear the shoes. As the weather continues to improve I know I’ll have more and more opportunities to take the kids on long walks and to the park, and with each step I’ll be continuing my progress.

And now…I’d like to share my progress!

That’s my leg. Big deal, right? It’s a leg. But do you see the bunching in my jeans? My legs now taper in where they used to just exist.

Thanks, Earth Footwear, for the Challenge and I will continue to make better use of my steps!

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