The Dr. Pepper Debacle aka I Like Baked Lays

I like to snack. And I like caffeine. I try to occasionally have a banana and a glass of water for my snack – I really do, I swear – but I need crunch in my munch. The way to satisfy this need lately has been for me to grab a handful of SunChips or pretzel sticks and a Dr. Pepper to go along with my squishy fruit.

The other day I tossed a Dr. Pepper into the freezer in anticipation of my afternoon crash, only I forgot about it completely until snack time arrived. By the time I retrieved my shiny, little treasure – it was frozen. Completely frozen.

I’m one of those people who likes to ignore the obvious and hope for the best, so I tucked my frozen soda into my pocket and grabbed some Baked Lay’s: Southwestern Ranch. The folks at Frito-Lay were kind enough to send this new Baked Lay’s flavor for me to try as part of the Fab 15 program.

I carefully poured them into a small bowl so as to not over snack (I’ve been known to ignore my limits…) and headed back to my desk. I like spicy things – love barbeque chips! – so I was honestly a little giddy to try these babies. I had one chip, then another, then another. They were borderline addicting! But they are most definitely tangy. After all, they’ve got chipotle and red pepper flakes baked right into the chip, so I needed a nice, cold drink. That’s when I remembered the carbonated iceberg on my desk. Oh no! I poked and prodded and massaged that can until I got a few sips. It was like trying to put out a fire with an ice cube!

The moral of the story: Don’t leave your soda in the freezer if you’re about to eat a spicy chip.

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