Disney’s Fantasyland Expansion

A frequent topic of conversation in my home is when the Fantasyland expansion at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom will be complete. Usually the kids ask a question along the lines of, “Are they building Sleeping Beauty’s house yet?” or “Did they move Dumbo,” but in my mind I’m concerned about the entire process: the demolition of favorites, the movement of rides we love, the disruption in general. I’m ready for it to begin so that it can, well, end! And when it does, I’m sure that the finished product will be simply unbelievable.

Yesterday on the Disney Parks Blog, Social Media Directory Thomas Smith wrote about a major step in the changes – the movement of Winnie-the-Pooh’s tree. To learn more about this middle-of-the-night event and watch a video, head over to his post, “120 Ton Winnie-the-Pooh Tree Relocated at Walt Disney World.”

More about the changes:

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  • TheAngelForever

    I am excited, but nervous at the same time. Growing up at Disney World, certain things were just a tradition. Change is hard to accept, even at Disney. So glad that my boys had a chance to play at the Winnie the Pooh area one last time in February. We took a ton of great photos. Also thrilled that the tree was used in a new location. Looking forward to seeing the changes in person one day and hope that they remember to include more for boys as well.