Disney Vacation Connection

In an effort to stay on top of the latest Disney news, I subscribe to several Disney blogs and newsletters.  This week through one of those services I learned about the new Disney Vacation Connection widget.  In some ways the planning of and anticipation for your next Disney vacation is just as much fun as actually traveling to the parks.  The Disney Vacation Connection widget puts the excitement of planning your next Disney vacation right on your desktop complete with my favorite feature, the countdown clock with the number of days, hours, and minutes until your next visit to the house of mouse.  What else can you do from the widget?

  • stay up-to-date on the latest news and special offers
  • plan your next magical Disney vacation
  • answer polls and quizzes to earn points for Disney downloads
  • find out insider information
  • download a vacation countdown clock
  • access a calendar of special events
  • get great wallpapers and animation – all packed with pixie dust!
  • even check out the weather!

I’ve downloaded my widget and set it to the next Disney Social Media Moms celebration.  Hopefully some of you will be joining me there!  Haven’t planned your Disney vacation yet?  Download the widget and work right from your desktop!  There’s nothing like a little pixie dust to get you through your day.

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  • I’ll be bookmarking this – have to rebuild my computer soon but I’ll be looking forward to using this!

  • I have downloaded this vacation connection to my mac laptop and can’t get it to work right… however, I did download it when it first was released, so maybe it had some bugs!!

    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it! I think I’ll delete my first download and try again.

    Are the dates for the 2011 Social Media Mom’s Celebration set!? I’d love to get on board next time!

    • Keith

      No… mine just stopped working this evening when the new version of Adobe Air installed.

  • I love it! When is the next Disney Social Media Moms? I would love to go!

  • Thanks for the tip, Amy! I just downloaded it and it’s running away – 44 days left!

    I agree with you about anticipation and planning being as fun as the trip itself! We are so excited to be going back to D-World (as munchkin calls it) – this is a great daily reminder of how quickly it will be here!