Disney Trip 2009 – Where Would YOU Stay?

As many of you know, last December my family, including my parents, took my children to Walt Disney World for the first time. What some of you have guessed from my Resourceful Disney posts is that I don’t just “go” on vacations.

I plan them. I plan them as though I’m choosing the college I’m going to attend, the pediatrician I’m going to use, the house I’m going to buy!

My December trip to the World began last March when I first began researching our trip. In the end we found what I believe was the perfect room for a family of four….and one set of grandparents who needed some kid-free time. We stayed in the Villas at Wilderness Lodge in a two-bedroom villa with a connecting kitchen/living room area. It was truly wonderful.

In fact, everything about the trip was wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that we decided at the beginning of this year that we would do everything in our power to return to Disney again in 2009. Yes, we’re becoming one of those families. You know – the ones who go to Disney all the time. I printed out page after page of our 2008 spending and found ways to save. I contacted service providers and changed options on our plans. I began pro-blogging four times a week last November, and a portion of that revenue goes straight to the mouse! Come heck or high bills, we were going back to Disney!

Right now Disney is offering a 40% discount on their Value resorts for certain weeks of the year. It turns out that this deal ends shortly…and that one of the discounted weeks is the week of our 2009 vacation. It also turns out that if you ask the cast member with whom you are speaking…you can get the same discount on another category of hotel….(407-939-7737…call now!)

All of this means that NOW is the time to book my Disney vacation! We adored the Villas at Wilderness Lodge, but would like to try a new resort this time. The Caribbean Beach Resort unveiled Pirate Themed Rooms for the 2009 season, and my son has decided that this is where he would like to stay! My daughter looked longingly at the The Polynesian each day as we rode the boat across the lagoon from the Magic Kingdom to our hotel. She is ready for a luau!

So where do you think that we should stay? Browse around the beautifully revamped Disney Resort site or share some of your favorites here in the polldaddy poll and in the comments section.

What is your favorite place to stay at the Happiest Place on Earth?

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