Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Time

In the winter of 2008, my husband and parents and I took my children to Walt Disney World for the first time.  I had been there a few times throughout my childhood, but this was my husband’s first trip to the world.  I got to watch all three of them experience the magic for the first time while I felt like I was coming home.

Jason watching Noah see It’s a Small World for the first time.

 That next summer I had the incredible (mind-blowing, really) honor of heading back to Florida to take part in some of the early discussions that would become the first Disney Social Media Moms Celebration the next year.  It was at this meeting that I met Maria Bailey for the first time, having no idea what an amazing business powerhouse, loyal friend, and inspiring mom she is.  Those first meetings and the many more before and after that I was not a part of became the first ever Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in February of 2010.  Just over 100 blogging moms descended on Walt Disney World with their families to enjoy incredibly motivational sessions and the kind of magic that only Disney can provide.

Oh hi, that’s Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato!

Each year, the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration has grown to include more magic, more great speakers, and welcome more bloggers and their families to the DSMM family.  Each year has provided bloggers with professional inspiration and know-how, glimpses into what is next for Disney, and magical experiences for the blogging families.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Dance Party, March 2011

Partying at Dinoland, USA, April 2012

What magic will this year bring?  It’s almost time – stay tuned!

Written by: Amy

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