New Disney Favorites

Every time my family visits Walt Disney World we find new rides, restaurants and events that we happily add to our favorites.  While friends often wonder out loud why we return to Disney again and again, the fact is that it is impossible to “do it all” in the course of one trip.  During each vacation the kids decide to finally try a ride that they’ve been afraid to try in the past.  We certainly return to some restaurants again and again, but we make it a point to try new restaurants each visit.

Our trip last month was no exception, and some of our new adventures have made it to the top of our all-time favorites list.

The Boardwalk

While I enjoyed a dinner with colleagues at the Flying Fish (you can see the FL in the upper right hand corner of the picture), my husband and children enjoyed pizza and entertainment while walking along the Boardwalk on a hot summer night.  They had a wonderful time!

The Yacht Club Resort

Located just across from The Boardwalk Inn and connected to the Beach Club Resort and Villas, The Yacht Club is absolutely stunning and satisfied both the grown up in me who needed a relaxing vacation and the kid deep inside who just wanted to lounge on the beach watching fireworks, a movie, and eating s’mores.

Tony’s Town Square

We have tried to get a reservation at Tony’s on more than one trip in the past, but have not been lucky enough to find availability.  This time we planned ahead and enjoyed a relaxing Italian meal while cooling down by the Lady and the Tramp fountain.  My kids were excited to eat at Tony’s because they love Lady and the Tramp and fully expected there to be dogs eating spaghetti in the alley behind the kitchen.

Main Street Electrical Parade

While this is new for my husband and kids, I have incredibly fond memories of the Main Street Electrical Parade from my visits to Walt Disney World as a child.  My brother and I would dress up in silly hats and our leis from the Polynesian and dance around the house to the Electrical Parade music on a Disney record.  That music meant Disney to us.  When I heard about Walt Disney World’s Summer Nightastic and the return of the Electrical Parade, I knew I had to be there.  I staked out a place on the curb in front of the Main Street Train Station an hour before parade time while my husband and kids enjoyed a few more rides.  When the lights went down in Town Square and the music began, my arms were covered in goose bumps and the crowd filled with electricity.  In the darkness, families from all over the world began to clap to the music and children began to cheer before the first float made it’s way out onto the street.  As Tinkerbell’s float came into sight, the little girl next to me screamed with glee while my kids sat in awe, their eyes huge, their arms prepared to wave to their favorite Disney character as she went by.  We are so fortunate to have seen this Disney treasure, alive again for just a short time.  It will forever be on our list of Disney favorites.

Through a relationship with Disney public relations, some discounts were provided during our recent vacation. My family has never visited Walt Disney World on a complimentary trip, and all opinions expressed are my own.

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  • I know exactly what you mean. We are always asked why we head back to Disney rather than go to a new location. The truth is each time is magical and different. Love the Boardwalk area. We spent a lot of time there on our honeymoon while staying at the Beach Club Resort. Like you we return to favorite restaurants and try new ones. We went to Tony’s in February to relive a meal there from our honeymoon. You are so right about the music from the Main Street Electrical Parade. We used to play our record of the music before a trip to Disney just to get in the spirit. We used to always wonder if Eliot the Dragon would breathe smoke in our direction. Hoping my kids and hubby will get to experience it one day.

  • I know exactly how you feel! I took my husband and son for their first EVER Disney trip a couple weeks ago and it was magic. I grew up less than 2 hours from Disney and have many of the same memories you mentioned. I got teared up when you described the Electrical Parade. In fact I think we must have sat on the same spot curbside because I have the same Opening Float pic that you do! Here is my post if you’re interested

    So glad your family had such a great time! I can’t wait to go back 🙂

  • I love your passion for Disney. We have annual passes to Disneyland and go about every other month. It is truly amazing how we still find new things to do!

  • There is no way you can ever see everything at Disney, so multiple visits are a must. I’ve never been to the Boardwalk and hope to stay long there next time. But I think we’ll try not to go in the summer. Went with my family growing up, and I remember it being quite hot. Hope you didn’t all melt while there!