Disney Dream Christening Cruise

On Friday I heard a knock at my door and ran to get it thinking it may be more neighbors stopping by to introduce themselves.  Instead I found a box leaned up against my door.  The first thing I noticed was the return address: Celebration, FL.  I tried not to let my heart begin to race as I took it to my office, but when I opened the top to find a cardboard treasure chest staring back at me, I couldn’t help but smile.  A treasure chest from Disney….only good things could await.

Inside I read the words “Save the Date” and “as our guest” and couldn’t catch my breath. I opened the telescope and held it up to the light to find this glorious vessel in miniature at the other end.  I read the invitation over and over again and then, unable to contain my excitement, as silly as it may sound, I cried.

This January my family and I will be guests of the Disney Cruise Line as the new Disney Dream sets sail on its Christening Voyage. We will explore its fourteen decks, visit its stunning restaurants, play in the life-like Andy’s Room, and maybe, just maybe, take a trip on the AquaDuck.

I can’t wait to share all of these moments and more with you!

Written by: Amy

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