Disney Dining Q&A

About once a week I receive an email, tweet, or Facebook message that begins like this,

Hi, Amy, I know you’re really busy, but I heard you’re the person to come to with Disney vacation questions…

More often than not there is a question about Disney Dining.  Which character meals should we reserve, should I really get the dining plan, what is this I hear about free dining in the fall, how does the reservation system work….the questions go on and on.  Later this month I will be attending an event here in DC sponsored by Disney with the purpose of learning more about Disney Dining including their free dining offer this fall.

This is your chance!  Ask all of the Disney Dining questions you have in the comments section here and I promise to come back from the event with answers!

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  • Ok, we are going to be in FL for a big family get together/vacation with my Dad’s whole family, just before hub’s and my 5th anniversary. Since he’s already taking off a lot of time from work to go down there, we are just going to take one of our evenings in FL to celebrate our anniversary.

    I want to know, are there any romantic, outdoor dining options? I’ve seen their fab list of restaurants, but there are very few pictures and nothing says if you can dine outdoors, or possibly on a beach (man made beach is fine!) I want to do something really romantic, kinda dressy, and preferably outside?