30 Days of Change – What Next?

The 30 Days of Change Parenting Challenge launched with a bang and trickled to a bumpy start after a crazy month of travel and literally being snowed out away from my children…which made parenting them especially challenging. My biggest parenting challenge successes came on the days when I tried my best to say “yes” more often than “no.” Our funniest moment came when my husband squatted to get down to Noah’s eye level only to find that Noah mimicked his behavior by squatting down even lower.

Did you blog about your experience trying the thirty tips for changing your parenting in February and March? Be sure to link your posts on the Challenge Linky.

Now that we’ve concluded the parenting challenge, what would you like to be the focus of the next 30 Days of Change challenge? Please take the anonymous poll below to help us choose!

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