30 Days of Change – Challenge Update

How did you do today? As predicted, my husband was home with us today because of snow, which meant that he was trying to work from home, I was trying to work from home, and both kids were home….no school!
We had the potential for major blowouts, especially given the fact that last night he thought chicken and rice soup was interchangeable with Italian wedding soup (husbands!), but I held my tongue and stayed on course.
If you chide your spouse for his transgressions in front of your kids – and who doesn’t do that, really – you’re sending the wrong message to your children about how people should speak to one another. None of us are living in the days of Father Knows Best, and it’s impossible to keep up appearances in front of our children and also rather unhealthy to try to do so, but didn’t it feel good to keep adult matters between adults today?
I’m headed out of town for a couple of days, so my biggest parenting challenge will be not missing my kiddos too much. We will resume the challenge next week!
Here’s to happier kids and less stressed parents. 🙂

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