30 Day Giving Challenge: Sometimes It’s This Easy…

Each day for thirty days I am making an effort to give of my time, my talents, my treasures as part of the 30 Day Giving Challenge.  Some days are carefully thought out and crafted – like the day I participated in my favorite radio station’s fundraiser by making a pledge or the choices that I am making in donating products that are a part of the 30 Day Giving Challenge giveaway program.  But the way that we give to one another on a daily basis can be incredibly simple and spontaneous.

This morning in church two people stood up after the ushers took collection.  Clearly they thought that they were supposed to stand to sing as the music started, but the program actually indicated that we should remain sitting.  At that point, everyone around us had a choice.  We could remain in our seats to show that we read the program and attend church there weekly, clearly aware of the protocol.  Or we could stand with them, immediately blending them into the group and easing their discomfort. By the time the first words of the song were sung, the entire back third of the congregation was on its feet.  Did the front two-thirds wonder what was wrong with us and what on earth we were doing?  Possibly.  But did those two guests of our church feel better?  I certainly hope so, because that is the gift that everyone around me was trying to give them.

What simple gifts do you have to offer someone this week?

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