30 Day Giving Challenge – It’s Back!

If you’ve been reading Resourceful Mommy for a while, you’re probably familiar with the 30-Day Giving Challenge from last year’s month of posts. If you’re new, let me introduce you to one of my all-time favorite yearly events.


The 30 Day Giving Challenge was started by my friend Alyssa from Kingdom First Mom in 2009. She had a vision for a giving project, so she issued a challenge. Participants were encouraged to spend 30 days giving. This was no ordinary giving. Participants were asked to document their giving in a journal for 30 days. The giving could be big or small, time or money, whatever God prompted each one to do each day.
I participated with a group of bloggers last year and was changed. It was amazing to see God open my eyes to the simple giving that can be done each day if we just look for the opportunities. I was honored to become part of Alyssa’s team for the 2010 30-Day Giving Challenge, and I’m thrilled to be taking part again this year.

How You Can Get Involved

If you’re interested in taking on the challenge of giving in some way each day for 30 days, it’s almost time to begin. The 30-Day Giving Challenge takes place each November.

If you want to start thinking about ways that you (and your family!) can get involved, check out the ideas on the 30-Day Giving Challenge site’s Get Involved page. There’s a planning calendar and some ways that you can share your giving stories throughout the month.

If you’re looking for giving inspiration, Myra from My Blessed Life will be sharing some ideas for giving each day on the 30-Day Giving Challenge Facebook page.

So grab a journal, start talking to your family, and get ready to be blessed as we GIVE.

For Bloggers

If you’re a blogger, there will be an opportunity for you to link up your own post about the 30-Day Giving Challenge right here on Tuesday. Maybe you could post a little bit about the challenge so that your readers can start thinking about ways that they can give. Bloggers can find additional information about weekly link-up opportunities on the Blogger Info page of the 30-Day Giving Challenge website. Feel free to grab this button for your site too.

<a href=”http://www.30daygivingchallenge.com” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://30daygivingchallenge.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/125givinga.jpg” alt=”30-Day Giving Challenge” width=”125″ height=”125″ /></a>

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  • Awesome, this sounds like a fantastic program. What a great way for bloggers to get together and do something great.

  • Found out about your site via The Digital Mom Handbook. Love the 30-Day Giving Challenge and will be joining the giving wagon!

  • This sounds so amazing, what a great way to get into the season of giving!