The Couples Experiment

Last week I received an e-mail telling me about a site called Two of Us. I receive outreach from many sites – some of them resourceful, many of them not – but this one caught my eye because of something called “The Couples Experiment.” Many of you know about and are trying my 30 Days of Change Parenting Challenge, but what you may not know is that I would like the next 30 Days of Change to focus on your relationship with your significant other.

The Couple’s Experiment is a fun way to look at how different people within a relationship view the same experience. I saw myself in the wife when she becomes nervous and agitated over a gift from her husband, and I felt bad for the husband (okay, for my husband). When I received the e-mail I assumed that The Couple’s Experiment is a look at a real couple interacting when it is clear that the scenarios are staged, but it was still an interesting window into human nature. What I found to be more useful, however, were the articles throughout that included information on Romance After Children, Parenting Resolutions, Balance During the Holidays and more! I’m not sure if The Couple’s Experiment will develop into a resource or just an interesting video to view for fun, but in general I found the site to be resourceful enough to share with you.

If you check it out, let us know what article you found to be most helpful so we can all take a look! Also, if you’ve got a favorite resourceful parenting or relationship site, let us know in the comments.

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