Clean the Unseen with RAYCOP RS2 Purifier


Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by RAYCOP. All opinions are our own.

I am not well known for my love of cleaning but in a house of people who suffer with dust allergies, it’s a frequent necessary evil.  My youngest, in particular, has horrible issues with allergies at bedtime which we have pinpointed to dust issues. We’ve tried many different options to help him sleep well without the need of allergy meds, but have yet to find a solution that sticks.

According to the American Lung Association, dust mites are a serious indoor trigger for asthma and allergies, which is certainly the case in our home. These unavoidable little pests are at detectable levels in at least one bed in 4 out of 5 homes across the United States. Regular cleaning and vacuuming can help, but in many cases  it is not enough to eliminate the problem.

When RAYCOP reached out to us to work together, I was more than excited to learn more and check out their product. RAYCOP products feature RayClean Technology® which includes a combination of HEPA filters, optimized suction, pulsating pads, and UV sanitizing technology to make their products 3x more effective than a standard vacuum at removing allergens and household pollutants from fabric surfaces in the home, including mattresses, upholstery, clothing, and more.

My husband’s recliner is a very frequently used piece of furniture in our home. It’s often my “desk chair” during the day and is his favorite spot in the evening. It’s vacuumed frequently, so thought it would be a great place for a test run to see just what the RAYCOP RS2 can do.


The RAYCOP RS2 is easy to maneuver. It weighs approximately 6 lbs.


The UV Technology sanitizes an area of about 9” across at a time. Slow passes of the unit make it simple to sanitize an entire fabric surface.


The visible dirt filter on top allows you to easily see just how much dirt is being picked up from the surface that you are sanitizing and cleaning.


I was shocked (and slightly grossed out) to see just how much dust and dirt was removed from the regularly cleaned seat of our recliner.

After seeing the results of the RAYCOP purifier on our recliner, I’m excited to tackle the mattresses around the house. Removing dust mites, dust, and other allergens that have settled into our sleeping spaces would be a sure way to a better night’s sleep and help us to avoid excessive use of allergy medications at bedtime.

The RAYCOP purifier is available in two models. The RS2, shown in the pictures above, and a smaller RAYCOP LITE. Both models extract 99% of bacteria from fabric surfaces. Pollen is removed at a rate of 99.8% with the RS2 and 97.8% with the LITE. The RS2 also removes 90% of house dust, while the LITE comes in at 80% dust removal.

If you would like to learn more about the RAYCOP sanitizers and how they can help your family breathe a little cleaner in your home, visit the RAYCOP website.  And be sure to sign up to get product news, information, and updates from the RAYCOP newsletter.

The RAYCOP RS2 retails at 349.99 and the RAYCOP LITE sells for 189.99. Both models are available for purchase at the RAYCOP shop.

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