Chuggington Marathon and Conducter Program

Oh, bumpers! I meant to write yesterday about today’s Chuggington marathon on Playhouse Disney, but I’ve been attending to a very sick little chugger and it got away from me. That said, my little man and I are enjoying watching Wilson, Koko, and Brewster right now and wanted to tell everyone on the west coast and everyone who has Disney Channel West from their satellite provider (Disw on DirecTV) that it’s not too late! Today’s Chuggington marathon continues with great stories and badge quests. Thanks to the chuggers for making my little guy feel just a bit better this morning while the rest of the family was at church. It’s tough to be stuck at home at the roundhouse while the other chuggers are out having fun.

I’ve got more Chuggington news! I’ve been asked to be part of a fun new program called the Chuggington Conductors so you’ll be hearing about upcoming Chuggington products and more here…first! Those of you who got to know Chuggington through our Twitter party have already fallen in love with this innovative and high quality show on Playhouse Disney, but I hope to bring you more Chuggington news soon.

Honk your horns!

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