Child Development with a Twist

One of the online places where I write weekly is Type-A Mom, where I am the Child Development editor. I’ve written articles about everything from a hearing checklist to Kindergarten readiness to children’s growth statistics. But here I sit, with my baby boy just turned three & trying so hard to potty train, and my tiny preemie blasting to the top of the growth chart…headed for kindergarten with her long, gangly body wearing a size 6 top, not quite making it to her belt loops.

I have to stop and wonder…when did my babies develop into kids?

So even though this isn’t the blogosphere’s popular Wordless Wednesday, or even a child development article, I need to just take a moment and wonder how this happened….so fast.

While I wasn’t paying attention, somehow my son went from this….

…to this…

…to this:

And my baby girl went from this…

…to this…

…to this child headed to Kindergarten in the fall.

Don’t blink.

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