Celebrate Halloween with Hershey’s

Remember when you were a kid and there was that one house in the neighborhood that everyone wanted to visit on Halloween? You’d try to get there first and would re-arrange your entire route to make sure you rang that doorbell before they ran out of treats. Remember what that house gave out to the neighborhood kids on Halloween night?

It was a HERSHEY’S chocolate bar.

We love Halloween in our home because it’s a holiday that is simply pure fun.  No gift-giving, travel, or big meal prep.  And Hershey’s candy is always featured as we fill kids’ bags with our own favorite Hershey’s candies.

This year we’ll be handing out a huge assortment including Jolly Rancher’s for the kids who don’t like chocolate (who doesn’t like chocolate?!?):


Here’s a little secret – I’m not sharing the Reese’s Pieces.  They’re going in a big pumpkin bowl on my office desk.

Another key to our Halloween celebration is decorating our home.  From the not-so-scary black cat on the hall table to the pumpkin man by the front door, our house is spooktastic all October long.  Even the friendly ghost in our entranceway loves Hershey’s candy:


On Thursday night my second grader will hit the streets in his Miami Heat jersey as he knocks on doors while dressed as LeBron James, and my fourth grader will run wild dressed as a giraffe.  Just in case they can’t find the house with the Hershey’s, I’ll be saving some for them.  And if they do find their own Hershey’s while trick-or-treating?  Well then I guess the leftovers at our house are all mine!

Need some ideas about how to make your Halloween amazing? Stop by Celebrate with Hersheys for everything from product information to delicious recipes.

This post is part of a sponsored post campaign with the Global Influence Network. Product was provided by HERSHEY’S.


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  • When I was a kid, some of my favorite candy to get from Trick-or-Treating were Hershey’s Miniatures. I almost always buy them to hand out. My son’s a big Reese’s fan, and that’s what he picked for us to give out this year.

    Also I keep a stock of unopened, unwanted kid’s meal toys and birthday party favors, some of which I give out on Halloween and the rest go in shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

    • We used to actually have a family meeting anytime a bag of Hershey’s Miniatures made it into our house when I was a kid. My mom, brother, and I all loved Special Dark, so we would divide them up and barter to get more. Insanity!