Cabbage Patch Kid Twitter Party

A new generation of Cabbage Patch Kids have arrived and are ready to be adopted this holiday season!  Cabbage Patch Kids® Fashionality™ Styles are here – a fresh crop of fashion-forward kids with a contemporary look.  Standing 14 inches tall, with beautiful, silky hair, each kid features a different Fashionality style with twelve unique personalities – from “prepsters” and “skateboarders,” to “girly girls” and “artsy” girls.  Each kid comes with his/her one-of-a-kind name, birth certificate, adoption papers, and a CPK cartoon download code.

Join us as we welcome the Cabbage Patch Kids Fashionality kids to the family at the…

Cabbage Patch Kids Twitter Party

When: Friday, October 21st from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. ET/6:00 to 7:00 p.m. PT

Where: #CabbagePatchKids on Twitter

How: To participate, follow hosts @ResourcefulMom and @BabyCenter as well as sponsor @cpkusa. Be sure to include the party tag in every tweet. New to Twitter Parties?  Learn more at How to Participate in a Twitter Party.


Five (5) winners will each receive a Cabbage Patch Kid Fashionality Kid! (ARV: $34.99)


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  • tiffany ard

    I can remember my 7th birthday, I received all kinds of cabbage patch goodies, the doll, diapers, etc. It was the best birthday ever! I loved that doll so much! This will be a great party, can’t wait to chat about my favorite toy as a child!

  • Soooo cute!!!

  • How fun! I still have my Cabbage Patch Kid!

  • Can’t wait! I loved Cabbage Patch Kids growing up!

  • So looking forward to this!
    I remember when I was young and the CPKs were so popular that they were sold out in stores. Then a friend’s mother had a connection and brought a bunch over to my house and my mother let me choose one…it was crazy!

  • OMG I can’t believe there’s going to be a C.P.K. party ! I am SOO there ! I love Cabbage Patch Kids so much I even have the Xavier Roberts signature tattooed on me !

  • Kellie K

    OMG, I love Cabbage Patch Kids! Very excited!

  • Can’t wait for the party! Cabbage Patch Kids are classics!

  • The memories I have of my CPK’s.. I had one of the first generation ones (still have her and her birth certificate) I’ve been on a mission for years to find one with my birthday!! I can feel some good memories coming back with this party @UnKatchable73

  • Dana Esker

    My kids LOVE cabbage patch!! See you there

  • Marla Zickefoose

    I have loved CPK’s since I was a little girls and now my girls do to, excited for the party! Tweet you there @SavingUGreenMom

  • Rsvping eagerly! Ohhhh I am hoping and wishing to win a darling Cabbage Patch Kid for Brianna, she is a 5 yr old little girl from a poor family and I know her and her family would be very grateful to receive such a special prize! So excited for the chance so thank you for the opportunity. Sounds like a FUN party too! : D

  • Lots of Cabbage Patch Kid memories from when I was a kid! Looking forward to the party!

  • Alea

    I still have my Cabbage Patch Kid doll I got when I was six years old!!! =)

  • Kimberly Velkovski (@kmelito)

    my daughter loves cpk! thanks for the party!

  • Paula Caudill

    I will try to be there, I hope there will be different winners, I have seen the same names over and over again.

  • petritia selvi

    thank you for the awesome party 🙂

  • This should be fun…I miss being a kid sometimes and this brings the memories. Looking forward to the fun!

  • This will be like reliving my childhood!

  • I cannot wait for this party! I grew up with CPK, back before they had plastic faces! I also visited the factory in Georgia.

  • OMG!!! Can’t wait!!! LOVE CPK! I have an original. My daughter would LOVE one of these! See you Friday!!!

  • Following everyone above on Twitter and tweeted the post!

  • Paula schuck

    Hi. I will be here this week for sure. Can’t wait.


  • JoeyfromSC

    Totally 80’s flashback lol-Remember these! Would love to win my Godson’s lil sister one for Christmas!


  • Wendy

    This is going to bring back so many great memories. Looking forward to the party!

  • I love CPK!!!

  • Love CPK; they were my favorite doll growing up.

  • Susan

    I can’t wait!

  • I can’t wait for this party. My granddaughter loves Cabbage Patch Kids. Thank you so much for hosting!

  • Mia

    My girls are really big fans of CPK! Can’t wait to get to know the generation of dolls!

  • Shihtzuation

    WOW! Are you KIDDING ME???!?! I loveeee CPK!! Now I’m gonna have to go digging thru dad’s garage to see if I can find my original. This is going to be a FUN party!

  • So excited to participate in my first Twitter party! Would love to win one for my daughter!

  • Tracie Vandermeulen

    I will be there @tracievan

  • Martina Ferguson

    Another favorite from my childhood. Looking forward to this party. Thanks so much @martiferg

  • Looking forward to it! Haven’t been to a Twitter Party in waaaay too long 🙂

  • Lee-Ann Sleegers

    I’ll be there!

  • Liza

    Love Cabbage Patch Kids!!remember my first one Barb Dana:red pig tails b yellow overalls. Still have the cpk with my bday in its box!

  • Kay (@ACSKay)

    Yeah another party. Another change to one day win something! 🙂

  • Kay (@ACSKay)

    Chance not change. I remember CPK when I was around 9+. Remember all my little cousins having them. My daughter will love them.

  • Diana

    I love CPK! My daughter has 3 already! One for every bd!

  • Dawn May

    Can’t wait for this party! Love Cabbage Patch!

  • Meghan

    I’d love to win. Always loved these and she doesn’t have one yet 🙂

  • Tara F

    Can’t wait

  • amy dendy


  • Love Cabbage Patch Kids!

  • Christi

    My daughter would love these so much! She had her first Cabbage Patch as a newborn.

  • Cabbage Patch was my favorite as a child. I will never forget them. We called the “adoption dolls”

  • Julie Sharwtz

    can wait to party I love cabbage patch dolls

  • I got one for my daughter about 4 yrs ago and some wonderful member of my family which shall remain nameless stole it from my child…I would love to win one for my daughter. I still have the birth certificate from the stolen one…can’t bring my self to get rid of it 🙁

  • Odessa Frey

    My daughter really wants a CPK, can’t wait for the party! Thank you!!!

  • omg! i loooove cabbage patch kids, those cute cheeks! my fav from a child, that i can pass on to my little girl. love it!

  • aaw1976

    I have always wanted my kids to have toys that I have had as a child.

  • I LOVE cabbage patch dolls. My dad stood in line for hours when they first came out, but didn’t one then! We did get one—well a few, later. This one is adorable!

  • michelle

    I want to win. I have my original when I was a kid. I also have 5 koosas’s! I loved them but dont remember them being very popular

  • Stacey Miner

    Oh man. I would so love to win one of these for my daughter. Had one when I was a little girl.

  • michelle

    Love to win thanks for the chance and good luck all

  • courtney crane

    I had one of these as a child….

  • So excited about this party! I love Cabbage Patch Kids and would love a boy one for my son.!/TheMamaPirate

  • Ronalee Duncan

    maybe I got stood up tonight so that I could be here for the twitter party



  • Ashley

    Yay for childhood toys!

  • monica carbajosa

    Love cabbage patch dolls, cannot wait!

  • I will be there!

  • Stephanie Bowman

    Love Cabbage Patch Kids! Had several as a kid, would love for my daughter to have one!

  • Jennifer

    I’ve always loved Cabbage Patch Kids and so does my daughter!

  • Christina

    Excited for the party.

  • Katie M Kimes

    Is this how you rsvp?

  • Crystal S.

    Excited for the party!

  • I love cabbage patch dolls! I have one of the “old school” ones!

  • VivIana Carriles

    I absolutely Love , Love , Love cabbage patch kids! I So happy they are back!

  • Viviana Carriles

    I absolutely Love , Love , Love cabbage patch kids! I So happy they are back! I open an acount on twitter for this Party

  • melissa portillo

    so excited for this party i loved cabbage patch as a kid would love to get one for my lil girl

  • How fun!

  • I remember mine like it was yesterday.

  • Samantha

    I love CPK

  • If I got one of these, I’d SO cry for hours all over again. I LOVED mine, it got stolen from our car, along with the rest of our Christmas that year. <333333

  • Late comer, but here I am! 🙂