Birthday Party Ideas for Tween Boys

Tween birthday party

It’s that time of year again at our house! We’ve got birthdays coming up and need to figure out some fun ways to celebrate. With soon-to-be 11 and 12-year-olds, coming up with a birthday party idea that is “cool” enough to satisfy is becoming a bigger challenge every year. Character themed parties have phased out, so it’s all about finding a fun activity that they can enjoy on their special day.

Boys this age can be a handful, but also want to have some independence. Below are some ideas that I have considered for my boys this year, all of which require an adult to be on-hand, but they should be able to enjoy with more hands-off supervision.

tween parties CollageEscape Rooms – This is our big winner this year. We are letting the boys each choose a few favorite friends and booking an hour at a local escape room, followed by celebratory pizza at a nearby restaurant.

Movie Party – Many local movie theaters offer birthday party packages. Our local theater also has a private viewing room where you can bring in your own DVD for showings. Want to save a bit more? Host a movie night right in your own home!

Laser Tag – Laser tag is always a big hit with tween boys. Let them battle it out and follow up with cake and pizza. Birthday party packages are popular, but often there are deals for multiple rounds that work out to be a little cheaper. Check Facebook and Groupon-type sites.

Weekend Getaway – Instead of a big party, book a family getaway or take a friend or two on an overnight. Visit a nearby attraction, have a great meal out, and enjoy the fun of sleeping in a hotel. Look for special weekend package deals that offer attraction tickets or free meals for extra savings.

Concert Night – If a favorite band or musician is performing in the area around their birthday, allowing them to take a friend or two to enjoy the show would be an experience of a lifetime! You can theme their birthday gifts around the event with a fun tee shirt and a gift card to download their latest hits.

Video Game Tournament – My boys have never turned down a chance to play their favorite video games with friends. Whether you just invite a few kids over to play in the basement or go all out and rent a gaming bus to come to your home, they’ll have a blast going on missions and leveling up together.

What are some of your favorite ideas for birthday parties for tween boys?

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