The Big Boy Room

My son is a complicated little guy. On one hand he tells me regularly that he’s a big boy who can use the computer by himself, ride the roller coasters at Disney, sleep with the door open….but in the next moment he’s climbing into the doll’s toy crib and falling asleep.

But it is inevitable that he is growing up. For more than six months he’s been sleeping in his big boy bed, and it only stands to reason that a big boy room must surely follow. He can’t sleep surrounded by Tigger and Pooh forever, even if that would make me happy.

We’ve discussed several options for his room including a cowboy theme, a train theme, a car theme, and a sports theme. The discussion always comes back around to what I will do with the walls. Right now they are painted light yellow and light green with a Winnie-the-Pooh border. The room is, essentially, still the nursery that it has been for the last five years since the birth of my daughter. I know that I will definitely need to repaint the walls, but what will I do beyond that?

Luckily I recently discovered the world of Stuck on You labels. While reviewing their products for the Type-A Mom gift guide, I found that they not only make a huge variety of personalized labels and tags, but they also have a new line of wall art that is removable! You can choose to either decorate an entire room with these big, beautiful stickers, or you can do as little as a door. Each sheet comes with a name label that proudly displays whose room you are entering. The choices of theme also vary greatly from construction stickers all the way to fairies and flowers.

I’m not sure what my little man will choose in the end, but not having to attempt to paint a bulldozer on my son’s wall will help ease the transition for me at the very least….

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