Best of Resourceful Parenting: Happy Mom Series 2

As I enjoy this holiday season with my family, I’d like to share some of my favorite posts from 2010…

I have this theory.  Okay, so I have lots of theories, but this particular one involves you, me, and the women of Jane Austen’s novels.  Have you ever felt as though you were raised to be a society wife in Edwardian England and then dropped off in World War II era America?  Stay with me…I promise this is going somewhere sane.

I began taking piano lessons when I was three years old.  My older brother had just begun playing and apparently I insisted on joining him.  Add to that the flute in fourth grade, my short stint as a vocal student, a rarely completed cross-stitching hobby, late nights sketching portraits, the occasional poetry writing contest…you get the idea.  Then there were the summers water skiing, the winters snow skiing, the tennis racket, the baseball glove.  While I certainly didn’t grow up playing croquet on the lawn in my long dress and sun bonnet, in many ways I was raised to be an interesting young lady, prepared to capture the heart of a gentleman and live a life of leisure.

The reality, of course, is that I grew up to go to college, find employment, and cook, clean, and fend for myself…in an apartment with no piano or tennis courts…

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