Best of Resourceful Mommy: Resourceful Daddy Guest Post

During my time in Tanzania with Compassion International, I will would like to share some of my favorite posts from the past.

~Originally posted 11/15/10~

I’m going to apologize in advance.  You’re probably expecting the type of witty, touching, or simply resourceful post you’ve come to expect from my wife.  Not today.  Today you’re stuck with me, her husband.  Unfortunately for you, as a federal employee for the last 10 years, pretty much any creative writing ability I previously possessed (I did have a haiku published in the 7th grade literary magazine) has been extinguished.  However, being a federal employee has also brought me in touch with the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), which is an annual fundraising effort among federal and Postal Service employees and members of the military to raise money for worthy charities.  Last year CFC participants raised more than $65 million in support of local, national, and international charities.  Since we’re in the midst of the “30 Day Giving Challenge” Amy asked me to write about how we use the CFC to both support worthy charities and deepen our family’s commitment to giving.

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