The Best of Resourceful Mommy: Parenting

While I certainly blog about a ton of topics, often burying my parenting posts, the fact is that some of my favorite posts to write are the Resourceful Parenting pieces.

Here are some of the posts that readers have shared to be most useful!

Should I give my children fish oil supplements? An “Ask Resourceful Mommy” answer.

Appetite Slump – dealing with this incredibly common toddler issue.

How to remove the onion smell from your hands – this post may save your day (Psst! It really works!)

Creative and personal end of year teacher gift that is inexpensive and simple to make.

The next time you take a meal to a mom in need, keep the kiddos in mind with this easy gift idea for kids.

People management skills turned into parenting strategies that work!

What is a night terror and how should you handle it?

While “parenting tips for the tired mommy” was a fun, tongue-in-cheek post to write, there are actually some fun strategies in there for the slacker mom in all of us.

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  • Hi Amy, I tried to click on some of your links, but they don’t work! It seems there’s a problem with your old Blogger blog. 🙁